Belvedere is becoming one of the alcohol bottle that top in my friends list for famous its easy to drink especially with any mixer.

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As my first attending Belvedere Vodka for this year, its a night filled with a variety of quirky engagements from fun conversational body stickers, dark room graffiti light photo engagement, and Tag Me! Landyards, all to be fully explored throughout the duration of the party series.

Exclusive Belvedere Bear plushies are also up for grabs for guests who tag a message or a picture of themselves onto the Belvedere Tree, an iconic snow tree LED lit structure, brought alive in each of the exclusive party outlets.

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 Guest are arriving early to enjoy on the night with Belvedere Vodka , best of all its free flow that we are enjoying.

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Representing the pinnacle of vodka making traditions, Belvedere has since received endless praises from the likes of the Vodka Masters, the International Spirits Challenge, Vodka Awards as well as other respected industry voices and most recently awarded “Gold” for the 2014 International Spirits Challenge award.

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Its a great night party after quite a while being last step into this scene and look out for the next installment of the ‘Light Up Your Night’ Party Series happening at Rootz, KL.


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