One of the famous street food drink or common street dessert that we constantly enjoy is Cendol. As over the years some maintain on a classic note of the dessert yet some decided to evolve it yet Lipao Cendol at Jalan Hang Kasturi evolve the packaging for the convinience of drinkers. 

Lipao Cendol (1)

The serve their Signature Cendol with their home secret recipe of guala melaka that makes then unique in its kind. Operate by friendly couple that is passionate in explaning every of their drinks to most of the customers

Lipao Cendol (2)

You will get to spot them if you are walking from Central Market to one of our favourite Lai Foong Kopitiam.

Lipao Cendol (3)
Lipao Cendol (4)

this drink will suits well in our hot weather. Fresh Mix Fruits @ RM 12.50

Lipao Cendol (5)

Next I find it pretty interesting and a nice balance of flavour is this Dragon Fruits + Mango @ RM 12.50. A drink that is pack with fresh fruits and blended nicely.

Lipao Cendol (6)

this is their signature series serve in their modern cup instead of bowl.

  1. Lipao Signature Cendol with red bean and fresh coconut milk @ RM 12.50
  2. Mango Cendol with fresh coconut Milk @ RM 14.50
Lipao Cendol (7)

Last is thier in demand  request of Papaya Milk by the customer @ RM 10.50

Lipao Cendol (8)
Lipao Cendol (9)
Lipao Cendol (14)

If you are here, do try on thier signature Cendol series as I find the gula melaka that they use have its own unique taste itself. Not too sweet, yet can drink on the go. Smart to serve it in a cup. not your usual cendol in KL.

50, Jalan Hang Kasturi, City Centre,
50050 Kuala Lumpur,
(stone throw away from Central Market)

Operating Hours:
Daily 11am – 7pm



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  1. Cendol does look interesting to be “modernized”, the only issue I have is justifying for the price.

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