I seldom explore Kepong side, as if I do go around that area, I also always go back to the same few old places. I have pass this area a few times and this outlet I love Yumcha certainly do stand out compare to the rest of the eatery around the area with their bright red signage.

timsum (1)

timsum (2)

From the moment you enter this outlet, you know that their concept is totally different compare to other places around the area.I am sure there are other Dim Sum Shops too. .

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Food here are more presented in a way and also there are like preview selections for you too see before you make an order.

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This shop not only well known for their tim sum but also their selection of Chinese tea is pretty impressive, from little bottle to huge Chinese Classic vase.

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This is what I mean as those tea on the shelves are premium teas. If you are a tea lover, do ask them to do recommendation for you.

timsum (6)

Price here are certainly very reasonable with generous portion of food that they are serving.

timsum (7)

 They even have chef specials, if you are keen to try on something more.

timsum (8)

So if you are here on the weekend, just sit at your table, enjoy the conversation with your family and friends and wait for the lady to push their cart over to you to make your selection.

timsum (9)

As mention as you are a tea lover, do request the tea master – Gordon to recommend you what kind of tea and he certainly know his in’s and out’s about all tea. As for it, it was an honour to have him to host us and tell us about the character and all info about the tea.  The tea that he is doing is Oolong Tea.


I love to drink tea but never got hosted by a tea master, and upon serving, this is one of the most unique way of serving tea with the tall cup which looks like a shot glass is actually the smelling cup. Tea is poured in this cup and the drinking cup is place over it before turning it. After you turn it, then you take the tall cup and smell the character of the tea. Pretty interesting.

timsum (11)

 Then here comes all our tim sum to try on, as they were serve, we were pretty amazed on the portion of it. Its much bigger compare to other outlets.

timsum (12)

Deep fried Sesame Coated Mochi with Lotus Seed Paste 金黄芝麻枣 @ RM 3.80

timsum (13)

Honey BBQ Pork Puff 蜜汁叉烧酥 @ RM 4.80

timsum (14)

1) Fried Mango Prawns 芒果虾 @ RM5.50

2) Deep Fried Garlic Chives Puff

3) Deep fried Salad Shrimps 米网沙律芒果卷  @ RM 5.50

timsum (15)

This is certainly one of my favourite as Polo Bun 波萝包 @ RM6 (only available on Sat & Sun) is pretty consistent and pretty good. Not to miss this if you are here as they are made fresh. Do grab it when you see it as its gone pretty fast.

timsum (16)

Deep fried Taro Puff 蜜窝芋角 @ RM 4.80

timsum (17)

timsum (18)

1) Deep fried Black Pepper Flavored Bacon Roll 黑椒烟肉卷 @ RM 5.50

2) Siew Mai (pork dumpling) 鱼子烧卖RM 4.80

3) Yam Pork Ribs 芋香汁排骨RM 4.80

timsum (19)

1) Shark Fin Dumpling 鱼翅卖 @ RM 4.80

2) Otak-Otak Siew Mai

3) Translucent Scallop Dumplings 晶带子铰 @ RM 6

timsum (20)

Stir fried Radish Cake 香炒萝卜糕 @ RM6

timsum (21)

Porcupine Bun 豪猪包 @ RM6.50 (only available on Sat & Sun)

timsum (22)

Congee of the day

There are certainly hit and misses in the dim sum range but most of it are pretty good. Worth to try and if you do go on weekend, best advise to go early as they are pretty pack on weekends and also at times there are queue also. Certainly I will be going back for another round, with great tea and tim sum.

I Love Yumcha
Plaza Manjalara, Jalan 8/62a,
Taman Manjalara, 52200 Kepong,
Kuala Lumpur

GPS Coordinates: 3.193544, 101.629957

Tel: +603 6732 5308
Facebook: I love Yum Cha 我爱飲茶
Website: http://www.iloveyumcha.com/


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