Another Puchong discovery as I felt that there are alot of food outlet in this area. One of the latest discovery is this shop LSY-Pot which their signature is on claypot. One of famous chinese eatery by using claypot to cook the rice and with some add on ingredient as I love my version with alot of chinese sausage and one chunk of salted fish.

Oriental Claypot Chicken Rice @ RM6.90 small, RM13.50 large

This is how I like my claypot chicken rice to be, aromatic of a bit chinese wine, chinese sausage and the most important is they use a very good quality of salted fish.

If you prefer your Claypot chicken rice to be seperated out, they can do it ‘Chicken served on a plate on top of white rice’. To me, this taste better than the mixture of everything inside the claypot, as it manage to seperate the taste out of it and the watery gravy on top of it perfect to go along with rice!

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  1. You went there without camera? All pics taken from your kawans.. 😛

    I’ve not eaten claypot chicken rice in ages!

  2. HAHA!! dun tel me that u forgot to bring camera again this time? 😀
    After I read the post at Mei Yee’s blog, directly went there that nite~ bf oso said their claypot chicken rice nice! I tried the wine chicken lou xu fan, nice oso 🙂 next time wanna go there again try other dishes~~~~~

    • Taufulou Reply

      that time already sold my camera and no camera to use.. so have to curi other ppl’s pic .. 😀

    • Taufulou Reply


      should go revisit again.miss their coffee too

    • Taufulou Reply

      the soup is quite good..pair along very well with the claypot chicken rice. . 🙂

  3. i love the chicken rice, but the last time i went there, the white coffee are not the same. Probably, the owner uncle was not there to make it 🙁

  4. try sri petaling claypot chicken rice… is juz right beside allison cafe…

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