Maggi had been one of our favourite item in Malaysian household. Every one will go thru the phase of Maggi month. We Malaysians indeed love our food and when comes to a simple food like Maggi, we can even enhance it to a different taste. Sometimes classic is still the best where gives you a simple taste, clear soup and nice mild aroma with hint of lemon grass that is needed for a quick meal. However, One of the latest MAGGI® flavour Royale Thai White Seafood Tom Yam, gets me work up as my tomyum noodle need some enhancement. One of my approach for this new version for my breakfast is to make it fusion.

Maggi-Royale-Thai 1

I make it double the size and double the ingredient. What I have prepared along is fresh tomato, fresh Prawns, beef Salami, eggs and 2 packet of Royale Thai Maggi.

I first boil both tomato and prawn in hot water, follow by all Maggi ingredients except creamer.  Boil it for 10 minutes to extract some taste of the prawn and I fire up my frying pan for eggs and salami after that.

Maggi-Royale-Thai 2

Whoala ~ Presenting you my fusion style of Thai Royale Maggi Mee. To make it more extra pungent of spiciness, I add in 2 more punch fresh chili into my bown to bring up more spiciness. Originally the soup taste have some hint of sourish taste like what Thai street version had and to make it more authentic, squeeze half pieces of lime in it.

  • Another extra step to make it more interesting is to add cheese at the bottom.

Maggi-Royale-Thai 3

For more Maggi recipe, you can refer to their website:


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