Dining in fast food chain restaurant is one of a very common thing world wide. Well, McDonalds is a pretty well known world wide and its very different food menu in most of the countries. One thing good about McD in Malaysia that they often come up with a very seasonal product for us to enjoy.

MacD GCB (1)

One of the latest set to be release to us since 26th September is GCB Set. I was lucky to be invited to try out #first2eatGCB last week.

MacD GCB (3)

 The set comes with Onion Rings and the G McFizz and of course the burger itself. As for the drink I find it a bit too sweet for me and guess what, its infuse with orange & chocolate flavour.

MacD GCB (2)

To my surprise, they prepare the fried onion rings perfectly as its crips from outside and its a pretty big ring too. Finished the box within a minute and grab another box. I ended up having 3 box in total. Then I dIY myself as I did order nuggets and tried dipping it with BBQ sauce and it turns out to be the best combination. Just wish that they do give out a pack of BBQ sauce with this ring to make a perfect combo.

Remark: do eat it while its still hot/warm. Once its cold, it does not taste as good as it is. For take away eat it while you are in the car.

MacD GCB (4)

As for the burger under McD, I am not really a big fan of their chicken range, as alternative I always opted for their Fillet ‘o Fish. As for this round its pretty exceptional.

MacD GCB (5)

This burger serve with chicken thigh that grilled to perfection, paired with groovy char-grilled sauce. Its pretty good stuff and I am sure going back for a few more rounds before its off menu again. This is a limited edition set, therefore its also available in limited time & outlets only.

Here are the list as below for you to hunt for but its now available store-wide after 26th September for limited period of time also! In celebration for its return, 12 selected McDonald’s restaurants all over Malaysia will be selling only GCB™ from 19th to 25th September which is why I got to eat it first. The 12 outlets are:

1. Titiwangsa Drive Thru 2. Pandan Mewah Drive Thru 3. Bangsar 4. Mutiara Damansara 5. Klang Sentral Drive Thru 6. Sec 3 Shah Alam Drive Thru 7. Bangi Drive Thru 8. Batu Berendam Drive Thru 9. Taman Sutera Drive Thru 10. Tebrau Drive Thru 11. Greenlane Drive Thru 12. Gopeng Drive Thru

A photo contest on McDonald’s Malaysia official Facebook page will also commence on 26th September, where participants can win 1 month’s worth of McDonald’s meals, which means that winners’ meals for the next 30 days at McDonald’s will be complimentary! For details of the GCB™ McDonald’s Malaysia Facebook contest, log on to http://facebook.com/My.McDonalds



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