Just right before I went back to Penang for my friends wedding 2 weeks ago, few days before that I received an email from my ex-colleague that some one mention in a blog that a blogger mention Pulau Aman served nice fresh Prawn Mee aka Mee Udang in Malay, then as I am excited and decided to go explore this round, and to double confirm I went Google up about this place, surprisingly quite a number of bloggers been before since as early as 2008. Then I told him I am going during Raya Break, then he said, u sot liau..Raya who opening for you including Ramadan? I was like super disappointed but yet lucky to go back early and just ngam ngam a day before bulan puasa start.

In adventurous mode, so went back to Penang can call my best friend and propose this and timing is so ngam that they also do plan to go to this island which is just perfect. Woke up early on Sunday morning look at Google Map that to travel there is very straight forward. Just head towards KL bound highway then exit at BATU KAWAN exit, –> find Batu Kawan Stadium then just head alllllll the way straight only till and turn left at a junction. It is just about 30-45 minutes from Penang island.


Pulau Aman (1)

 Then you will reach this place with a huge carpark and we are amaze with one thing.

Pulau Aman (2)

Hidden deep inside here and a beautiful future mini port that just build up which I believe going to host some cafes or restaurant that over look the sea and Penang Bridge, shows that there are quite alot of crowds coming here.

Pulau Aman (3)

You can just park your car anywhere as you can find a spot and you will be charge RM5 which certainly alot more expensive compare to the ones in Penang if you consider this kind of place. . I guess its tourist attraction then.

Pulau Aman (4)

Then you will see this mini jetty that will take us to the opposite island which is known as Pulau Aman.

Pulau Aman (5)

This is the list of schedule and rates to take us over the other island as according to the boatman or the ‘penjaga’ there are no specific pick up or departure time. Just come to this jetty and just wait for the boat as they charge RM6 for 2 ways which is quite reasonable.

Note: the boat start as early as 8am (depends on luck as official start around 9am then last boat depart from the island back to the jetty is 5.30pm). IF you cant get back there are damm less accommodation and I would just wish you good luck in getting back.

Pulau Aman (6)

 my 2 best friend which is the 2 siau poh’s . .Collen and Nancy and cam whore abit while waiting for our boat ride.

Pulau Aman (7)

 Yayyy… finally our small mini wooden boat had is coming with the slow sound of engine ‘tutt ttuttt tutttt tutttttt’


Pulau Aman (8)

This is how small the boat is and maximum I think can transport around 25 pax.

Pulau Aman (9)

This is how small and low the boat is and I think I stretch my hand out I can touch the sea water already.

Pulau Aman (10)

 This is what I mean small boat and quite a lot people purposely travel there for fishing.

Pulau Aman (11)

 about 10 minutes slow boat ride we finally approaching Pulau Aman. Pulau Aman which is actually a small fishing village.

Pulau Aman (12)

Pulau Aman (13)

Pulau Aman (14)

Pulau Aman (15)


Pulau Aman (16)

 We are surprise to see here got a map to tell us where we are and what do they have, and best of all, we do not know where the restaurant is located. The island seems small in this map and if to walk, will take quite a while. Then something struck our mind, just follow where everyone is going, you wont be wrong. Either ended up in 2 places, fishing area or the restaurant.

Pulau Aman (17)

 this is what they have in the island for tourist attraction . . at this junction we took a turn on LEFT where everyone is walking.

Pulau Aman (18)

 they have road names tooo!

Pulau Aman (19)

See, I told you wont be wrong as its just a few steps a way from the Pulau Aman Jetty that you turn left at the T-junction then you will reach this RESTAURANT TERAPUNG PULAU AMAN.

Pulau Aman (20)

As I mention here is a fishing village and according to a few blogger you can grab mantis prawn and crab at a cheap rate. SO you choose what are the seafood you want then you bring the pale to the restaurant and let them know that you want them to help you cook.

Pulau Aman (21)

For being a virgin in this area, we do not know the rate of it and order Mantis Prawn and just 4 pcs cost us RM89 I was like .. kena chop already . . Then ask the other customer around there cuz I saw a big group of teenagers and ask how much is their price and a table sit next to us how much was theirs. Apparently there are 3 rates:

Small medium Size: RM50-RM60 per KG (recommended this size)

Medium Big Size : RM60-RM75 per KG

BIG SIZE : RM 85 above per KG

Please be remember to ASK the price and do not go on Sunday as very less boatman went out to sea to catch fish or anything,

Pulau Aman (22)

As many bloggers mention the signature dish here is Mee Udang, so that must not be miss and we order the rest of it. What is the different between Biasa (Normal) and special, as the difference is less prawns and more prawns. So I would advice just try on their BIASA can already.

Pulau Aman (23)

It was just 10.30am in the morning and its nearly full already.

Pulau Aman (24)

Here comes our order which is the signature dish of the restaurant known as Mee Udang / Prawn Mee malay version. I would say, the soup is not bad as you can taste from the sweetness from the fresh prawns and you just have to squeeze the lime to make it taste a bit sour. RM 6

Pulau Aman (28)

Pulau Aman (25)

Nasi Goreng Udang turns out to be quite good too, that many stores that I have tried in KL on the road side is not as good as this @ RM6

Pulau Aman (26)

Bihun Udang @ RM 6 that this plate certainly beats alot of malay stores out there which is quite fried quite fragrant.

Pulau Aman (27)

 Mee Goreng Udang @ RM 6

Pulau Aman (29)

 Koey Teow Soup Udang @ RM 6

Pulau Aman (30)

 Our Giant mantis prawn and flower crab. The Auntie Charge ADDITONAL RM5 jus to steam on the seafood.

Pulau Aman (31)

Pulau Aman (32)

 This is how giant our mantis prawn is and there is one even longer than Nancy’s face

Pulau Aman (33)

One of the reason not to order big mantis prawn is hard to peel the skin off as its shell is filled with a bit of torn and if you do not handle it properly while cutting you might hurt yourself. So the simple step for me that how I usually do it is

1) Cut the head off

2) cut all the legs

3) cut the side shell

4) just peel from the tail up to the front and just becarefull.

Pulau Aman (34)

After eating we had a short stroll to explore around what to see in this area and reliase that there is a Telaga Emas to see ( Gold Well) then walk for 10 minutes we find that its quite far and decided to turn around and also the area and the area is very Kampung and resides mostly malay here.

Pulau Aman (35)

Then I think there is a chalet here just 4 units. Then we head back to jetty and return. IF you ask me would I return, I would say yes, just for fun . . I will return again another round during Raya Week as the uncle said he will be opening.

What to order – Mee Udang and you can try out the Prawn Mantis small size.

Note: last boat is at 5.30pm


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, quite okay, because its fresh~ ~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

120 Pulau Aman, 14100 Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia.

Contact: 016-495 5125, 019-476 6125

Opening Hours: 9.30am- 5.30pm (daily)

GPS: 5.268310, 100.391495



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    • Taufulou Reply

      nope…its different in taste.. now you can try out malay version of prawn mee in pasar ramadan ah

  1. Kuan Chiu Yin Reply

    Thanks a lot for your sharing!! This place looks attractive! And your photos are very nice too! The foods are tempting! I am wondering is the restoran terapung open like normal days in fasting month? Will the fishermen go out catch the fresh sea foods like normal days? Or it will be much lesser? We plan to go Pulau Aman this coming Saturday morning.

    By the way, how much is the charges of the restoran to help us cook the seafoods? The prawn mantis not sell by weight? We have to bargain? I am really not good in bargaining..Is there any other seafoods available? Like fish, lala, etc..I am sorry to have so many questions =)

    • Taufulou Reply

      no problemo .. .Thanks for the praise..heheh..:p

      er…i did ask the uncle there, according to him he said yes la..open daily till 5pm ( you can try your luck or you can call them) whichis at the end of my blog got their number . .

      , i think saturday is better than sunday where u will have more fresh seafood available.. I am not too sure.. what I see there is the prawn mantis and flower crab only..

      The prawn mantis is sell by per KG’s …it is advisable you ask what is their pricing before you make your order.. best is to order smaller prawn mantis. .

      the auntie charge RM5 extra just to boiled in hot water only . . which is the only choice. . .

      hav fun oh, on your trip . .

      • Kuan Chiu Yin Reply

        Thanks for your precious reply + useful info =) The seafoods are sold by the restoran? Not directly deal with the fishermen? Boiled in water? Won’t the “sweetness” of seafoods lost in this way?

        Hmm, i think I will call the restoran rather than try luck go there =P Thanks!!!

        • Taufulou Reply

          the seafood is from the fisherman next to the restaurant eh..

          u can buy there..the restaurant don sell..help to cook only… not really..the freshness is still there. . .worth a try if the prawn mantis is in small size that is around Rm45-RM55 per kg. . anything more than that..not so good d . .

        • Kuan Chiu Yin Reply

          Just now I contact the restaurant owner, she said the openinng time during ramadhan month is from 11am-5pm (or until sold out). She said the fisherman will also open, but need to be early. She stressed on “need to be early”, maybe they will close earlier and make preparation to “buka puasa”.

          Small size prawn mantis RM 45-55/kg? Wow, it is not cheap o…I saw Foodtok wrote in his blog: medium size prawn mantis cost around RM20++ o..

          Hmm..the price mayb is subjected to seasonal variation? =P

          • Taufulou

            lol..nope..what the person meant was the seafood really finish fast.. cuz alot ppl go there..best is u reach round 11am

        • Kuan Chiu Yin Reply

          Oic…I did came across some reviews said the workers that sell seafood are arrogant. Is it true ar? Haha, anyway, thanks for your sharing =)

  2. nice one bok! looks delicious..definitely will pay a visit after raya 🙂

    • Taufulou Reply

      not bad luuu . . i plan to go again also . .:D can go together. .

  3. The owner n worked very arrogant..they ask me to eat fast n get out coz many customer waiting 4 place.p/s..customer is a king 4 restoran terapung..

    • Taufulou Reply

      totally agree with you as from that i never return back.

      My friend said that last time they were quite friendly and after they are quite fehmous now..they had turn to be arrogant. .

  4. totally agreed.. The owner is very rude and have no respect to customer.. Regardless who you are…its just ashamed standing there looking at him scolding other customer… Regardless who you are..
    Be careful..

  5. I went to this mee udang store twice… 1st time was 5 years ago, the 2nd time in this year.
    What were told by all the readers in above is true. All those ppls working there is arrogant and rude.
    They all provide bad services, just imagine that without all customers support how your “mee udang” can survive…?
    In fact , that was a mee udang is much better which located some where teluk kumbar in Penang.
    My friend from kedah asking me whether this mee Udang store got off day or not?
    My opinion is tho whoever never been to this place should golah sinced it is popular but just one time is more than enough due to the bad attitude and nothing much to see at the island itself.
    Anyway really appreciated to Taufulou that putting ur effort to sharing ur experience .
    Pls advise on my question n tqvm.

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