One of the best festive season of the year to me is always Chirstmas, I just do not know why that Christmas songs and deco always make the whole place and ambiance very nice and happy. Its the time of the year again as now its Chirstmas Eve and I am sure every one is busy’in getting last minute Christmas present for their love one’s, friends and family.

christmas deco (1)

This Year I stumble on the mall less so manage to capture some of their deco’s. . . .Sunway Pyramid Chirstmas Deco. ..

christmas deco (2)

christmas deco (3)

KLCC Chirstmas Deco is always very bored and plain . . .

christmas deco (4)

The mall that nearest to my house is Pavilion. I guess this year they do not have any snowfall as didnt see any one blog about it but their decoration yearly is very impressive on the whole mall. At their main entrance. . .

christmas deco (5)

Indoor with a huge cage style pavilion build in the center hall..

christmas deco (6)

christmas deco (7)

christmas deco (8)

and I just dream and wish that we do have White Chirstmas.  . . .

Have or do not have is just a wish. . .. I would like wish all my friends and readers. . .

Merry Chirstmas




 Happy New Year . .


Enjoy your night, drink safe and drive safe!


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  1. hey there…. me too the whole xmas festivity…. christmas carols and all – always looked forward to it. MERRY XMAS and HAPPY HOLS to you too!

  2. Merry Xmas!! I love Xmas season!
    Yeah, the decors at Pavilion is nice! So is Mid Valley which actually copied a bit of BSC last year. Sunway is lousy and so is KLCC. 1Utama is very good as usual.

  3. Merry Xmas and happy new year. All the best in 2011 and many great years ahead. Btw, u have a typo error on Christmas. =)

  4. well, i had a white xmas but it wasn’t like the most enjoyable one! Hey merry xmas to you andHappy New Year. Wishing you all the best in 2011!

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