One of the latest landmark in Penang that open its door to public that had create quite a hype by some of my Penang friends is a new shopping mall, Gurney Paragon. Upon its build up, this mall is position as one of the high end shopping mall for Penangnites. As many malls also pretty much know with a few signature F&B and there are a few actually. Since I am back, I drag my Penang friend along that they have just went to this shop last weekend before me, and they were saying, its a High End tea. 😀

One of a big hype that I see over Instagram for a few posting is on their dessert is this new French-Japanese cafe & kitchen Miam Miam that named after the French expression ‘yum yum’.

Miam miam (1)

With its classic interior design that still maintain its flooring of this old building yet contemporary set of feeling infuse along that makes them lively cafe with a curious mix of flavours from savoury souffle to pasta.

Miam miam (2)

Miam miam (3)

Miam miam (4)

Miam miam (5)

I love their design of kitchen that certainly have the European feel and as for Cashier is a little island by itself.

Miam miam (6)

Miam miam (7)

Its a very simple 4 pages menu with everything is right into your face with picture illustration. Everything in there looks tempting and of course I do see what other people order. The food is predominantly French or European but with Japanese influence in each.

Miam miam (8)

 Some of the food, are pretty unique.

Miam miam (9)

Miam miam (10)

Iced Matcha Latte @ RM 11.80

Miam miam (11)

Miam Miam (Hand Dripped) Special Blend Iced Coffee @ RM 9.80

Miam miam (12)

I love the presentation of this coffee that serve in a bronse mug and with a little milk & sugar syrup holder. It makes me feel that this little two thing is used by that cute animation Ratatouille. The so called special blend coffee is nothing to shout about.

Miam miam (13)

Mango Smoothie is blended well and with strong visible taste of mango and its not bad. @ RM 11.80

Miam miam (14)

Famous French Toast @ RM 16.80 – with homemade whipped cream & Maple Syrup

It seems that this is another famous item in the menu that, alot of people in the cafe is ordering it.   The baked toast prepare fresh and served in a pot, with whipped cream on top of it. A mini tea cup of maple syrup is placed beside the pot where is to be added upon.. The toast is done perfectly that its soft and fluffy yet aromatic with maple syrup after I pour it in. Best to eat while its still hot. Its not easy to make a nice one but they had made it perfect. – Recommended

Side note: there is no consistency in it as my friend came along with me on the her 3rd time, it taste very much different as when she had with me, this is the best so far.

Miam miam (16)

Classic Vanilla Souffle (Pot Baked) @ RM 16.80 

Miam miam (15)

For this dessert, I have tried quite number of places and nothing had impress me till this outlet. This is where I saw alot people instagram on it on the best of they can get in the island and I must agree with most of them, it easily beats many of the available KL f&B outlets too.

Miam miam (17)

Its serve pippin hot as every pot is being prepare fresh. The texture of it is so light , smooth and airy that spoon easily poke thru till to bottom. Upon on each bite, taste of egg and light vanilla is pretty evident texture of it easily melts in mouth. Not many people know how to enjoy this dessert and its best advise to share. A recommended Item`

Miam miam (18)

Chocolate & Banana Souffle Pancake @ RM 19.80 is something different from their classic/original range, that is topped with a few cubes of banana and 2 chunk of chocolate with Ice cream. The souffle is pretty much different compare to the original ones as this taste more like a soft pancake yet the texture is still smooth.

No doubt that this place had made its impact to many Penangnites on its dessert range. If you do not mind to dig deeper into your purse, this place is a great hang out place. Two item that you must not miss is their signature Classic Vanilla Souffle & French Toast.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, pretty good yet its not cheap -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Miam Miam
163-C-1-01/2, St. Jo’s, Gurney Paragon, Persiaran Gurney, George Town, Penang.
Tel: +604 226 7105
Opening times: Mon-Fri, 12noon-9.15pm; Sat & Sun, 12noon-9.30pm



  1. I guess its inevitable to set the prices higher due to rental issue. The french toast i had was good either, you didn’t try their pasta? haha

  2. Looks great! Don’t mind trying it out:) BTW, the spelling of DESSERT in your title la.. sudah salah.. LOL

    • admin Reply

      oh ya hoh .. . always spell salah..

      eheh, thanks for pointing out~!~

  3. eh.. mcam best eh really.. <3 the souffle! ;D
    next time when i go bck Penang sure must try~

    Their menu also look super pretty!

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