Penang street food scene have gain a notch up with the arrival of Michelin ratings in the shore of both KL and Penang. There are handful of hawker stalls being selected as Michelin Bib recipient and Penang Green House Hokkien Mee is one of them since Dec 2022

Of course with this, travelers like me would travel overseas just to hunt on the list. this have created a buzz for Michelin Street Food hunt in Penang.

When Green House Hokkien Mee was selected as the recipient it has raise alot of questionnaires on this. However, I am happy over the listing as let the undiscovered gem still remain as it is and let the commercialize be commercialize so I do not need to queue for my food. 

I still think this stall is decent as once a while I would go back for a classic normal bowl of Hokkien mee. Their unique is they are one of the stall that you can choose to add on ingredients ranging from prawns, egg, intestine, roast pork and others. 

I would always go for add on herbal egg and prawns. Soup wise to me is decent as more towards hint of end sweetness, chili paste that I would add in more to give me the umami spicy impact. 

Overall it is okay as this stall is on the high side. 


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