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One thing that I look forward for a start is the Pita Bread that freshly prepared with its warm and soft and definitely have to eat it along with the starter especially hommos. Lional ended up having 3 big round pieces by himself.

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We kick start with Cold Mezze Palette

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Moutabbal with Avocado – It might look like tuna that going to spread over the sandwich, certainly its not that as it is Mashed grilled eggplant with sesame seed paste , fresh avocado is mix along with lemon juice and touch of olive oil.

Pink Hommos is something that I am looking forward with dig it along with my pita bread. It is mashed Chick Peas, Sesame Seed Paste with a touch of our special spices, lemon juice and olive oil

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Rocket Beetroot Salad with sliced onions, sumak and an infusion of mustard dressing.

Chateau Kefraya Blanc de Blanc 2008, Bekaa Valley Lebanon


Chateau Musar Jeune Rose 2007, Bekaa Valley Lebanon – I have always love their Rose which is mild in taste yet dry.


Arak Chateau Kefraya

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I took this whole thing by just one bite, as I want to let the taste of it burst inside my mouth, and certainly it does. Love the aroma of juicy sausage been grilled, soft of the quail egg and pomegranate sauce to bring up the taste of it that made it bustling with flavors. I certainly did enjoy every bite of it with hint of spicy, lamb aroma, sour taste of pomegranate.

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Shrimp Falafel

If you are a person who loves a bit of fried fritters, green peas, then this would not disappoint you as it is perfectly deep fried with crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, as the king prawn is still soft and juicy but you might find it a bit dry with its green peas that wrap around the prawns, therefore dipping with the pistachio tarator sauce is just perfect. (you can request for extra sauce as thought by Joseph)

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Steamed roll of Stuffed Chicken Breast

steamed chicken breast aromatised with rosemary and stuffed wtih chicken liver served wtih pureed carrots

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To choose between this two, definitely Grilled Kafta is my recommendation.

The lamb was grilled till very soft with their own marinate ingredients, with a little hint of spicy yet the not too strong lamb taste is there, cover a bit with its Rosti, put a bit of apricot paste on top and eat it bite by bite is something I am enjoying.

Chateau Musar Cuvee Rouge 2004, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon – definately Red wine is my recommendation as it is a bit thick in flavour and dry after at the end with gulp down but it sure do goes along very well with my lamb. I like it but some do not like it.


Arak Chateau Kefraya

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Aish El Saraya – A creamy pudding topped with Pistachios and a mix of Fruity Sauce

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Lebanese Coffee

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If you love alcohol, then you have to try Lebanese Alcohol which is known as Arak. It might look like barley but do not under estimate this glass, have to drink it chill to bring its greatness in flavor and after effect of it. 😀 Esther is a good drinker. . .

Many do not like the taste of it but if you learn how to drink, then its a great drink too like me and Xin.

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So coincidently everytime that we dine here, definitely there is someone’s birthday and this round it is Witch in da house that getting another year older.

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Ong as her lovely husband and a great guy too. . .

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With the dining, it comes with a lucky draw for you with any of you that dine MIGF menu. Be lucky and stand a chance to win a trip to Lebanon 5D/4N for 2 person. . . I am praying hard I would be the lucky one. If you do not have one, please request after your meal.

The whole night proceed with another great night outing and I only realise that the menu that they have created is more towards health conscious with its ingredient and they way how they prepare the food, and I could not thank more to Joseph for pampering all of us again.

Full Festive menu RM128++ per person with wine

RM98++ per person without wine

A festive menu with this kind of price, certainly its a recommended by me as I was thought how to eat it. 🙂

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine
Lot 6.10, Level 6, Pavilion KL,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-21661011
Fax: 03-21551300

Opening hours: 10am to 2am

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    Somehow it doesn’t look as excitingly different as the other MIGF menu’s with all their funky experimentation but the most important is that the taste it nice… and wah, very good price! (also as compared to all the others)….

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