When the brand such as Mighty White pop infront of you, what will you associate it with? To me definitely is their white bread. Exploring to add on more products is never an end to all this brand until recently they have launch their new product Mighty White Cupcakes.

Mighty White (1)


Adding 3 flavours to their belt is Original, Chocolate and Orange.

Mighty White (2) For this brand, I am quite impress with the quality that they have come out with. Got all three flavours and ask around with my colleagues.

Mighty White (3) Girls especially would love their chocolate series as hint of chocolate is pretty prominent.

Mighty White (4) Original is the clear winner among the three as flavour is very simple, direct and aromatic. My simple means as simple to compare with butter cake, which is also my personal favourite among the three.

Mighty White (5)

Orange had create a slight love and hate relationship as some love it some do not. The flavour of orange is there, but at the end of the flavour with a hint of bitterness that created such relationship.

Mighty White (6) However, a simple cupcakes over a strong coffee, they do end up a good combination.

Mighty White (7)  

Mighty White (8)

Most of us love the original flavour and the texture of the cupcakes is soft and airy in the centre, as my the other colleague found a nice way to go along with it for her tea time is with her usual nescafe.

might white

Raya is just around the corner and I believe this would make a good gift for coporate, donation to orphanage and many others. Do take the opportunity on their Special Raya Promotion with 30% discount.

To order: Click here

Over this post, I would like to wish all my Muslim friends Selamat Berbuka Puasa and travel safe as many of you will be planning to Balik Kampung earlier than expected. Selamat Hari Raya.


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