This is interesting enough that, some one message me ask me to try to cook this. Milo Maggie Soup. My first reaction definitely going to be like many of you when first heard this. EWWWWWW!!!!. Wont lau sai meh? Maggie + Koko?


however I did try out and guess what.??!!! It turns out to be quite good and I believe it will be quite addictive also. What I do is only very simple.

milo maggie (2)

Milo Maggie Soup Recipe:
cook as usual and I just add in 2 table spoon of Milo Powder. By doing “agak-agak” belive this is sufficient not to over power the noodle soup base.

milo maggie (3)

Give it a try, I am sure you guys will be suprise by it. Sweet, savory with hint of spicyness of maggie powder. Indeed it is better than what I imagine!

milo maggie (1)


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