A new eatery had pop up in Uptown Damansara and this is the new MiyagiSays. I really do give me an impression of Karate Kid movie. Not only that, I personally felt that it is a nice place to hang out with friends too.

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This new bar in Uptown Damansara  do have its own twist in  both  the stories and also their food. They are serving Japanese Fusion food with a twist of local infusion. More like a Japanese Mamak style. Hence you can see some of the servings are like Mamak version. This Japanese Bar in PJ also serve pretty well known Highballs.  It is actually soda with whisky. One of a famous streetfood or yakitori moment that a must have drink.

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A place which is minimalist interior with  raw finishing and their lvl 1 will blow you away.


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Starting off with signature Miyagi Highballs. A refreshing drink that have a nice balance of flavour, bubbles that I like and with a slice of Lemon.

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Onigiri Original – with a Nasi Lemak Twist in it. Serve with fried popiah base and seaweed sheet

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Miyagi Potato Chips. Crispy that goes well with  my highball and to dip along chef special sambal which is not too spicy yet fragrant. Just nice.

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Sup Tulang Nabe is more like a combination of Bak Kut Teh but they make it into a twist of Japanese version. Love the soup which is slight pappery that give you a hint of heat at the end.

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Maggi Ox Tongue

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I quite like Miyagi Nga Pou Kai Fan. Using Japanese Soy Sauce and Chicken being grill first before adding on top. Can ask for extra soy sauce if you want it to get a little salty. Just nice as  the flavour really does goes well with the highball.

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If you want some snacks to bite then Bak Kwa Pork Belly is pretty good. Nicely glazed and grilled.

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Butter milk Kai

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Cream Cheese Kai Si Fatt is da bomb! A must order  if you like Kai Si Fatt (Chicken Backside)

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Egg bomb turns out to be better than expected. Potato and mash with perfectly cooked egg in the middle with a bed of salmon tartar.

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Another 2 drinks we got is Henny Highball  and Sake Highball. The uniqueness of their highball is the tap behind is being imported from Japan that gives it a unique kind of soda water.

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After that we adjourn to upstairs with liveband on every weekend. A different kind of look whereby the bar is fitted with white titles and alot of neon corner which is perfect for picture taking. Best to come here around evening.

There are 2 different menu being served as mains are only available downstairs and only some snacks are available in Level 1.

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Continue our night with Gin with Plum (I think girls will like this a lot. Simple drink). Cocktail highball. 

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They also have a unique tai wah sek game. Do check them out.

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Indeed a nice Japanese bar in PJ  to chill out.

52G, Jalan SS 21/35,
Damansara Utama, 47400
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-7731 6195

Operating Hours: 4pm – 2am


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