MMX Kelen Munoz Air Fryer KM unboxing and mini review. I bought this unit at July 2020 and now only reviewing it which is July 2021 also again in CMCO condition. Kelen Munoz is actually another local Malaysian brand like Russell Taylors or even Perry Smith (if not mistaken)

mmx air fryer

I was on budget and looking for something affordable which is less than RM 200. So I got this unit MMX air fryer last year at high peak demand at around RM 180 (if I remember correctly) –

mmx air fryer review

This Kelen Munoz Air Fryer is just a simple unit. comes with temperature of 80 – 200 degree and 60 minutes timer. That is all for what I am going to get.

the 1 that interest me alot is the Russell Taylors Air Fryer – at RM 289

Kelen Munoz

Kelen Munoz review

Kelen Munoz Air Fryer

Kelen Munoz Air Fryer unboxing

Kelen Munoz Air Fryer shopee

Kelen Munoz Air Fryer review

mmx mixer

I tested out with fish gold nugget – doing at 200 degree for 8 minutes. I should have lower it down at 160 degree for 10 mins.


Overall for a cheap air fyer, I am satisfied as it does what I need my food to do. I have yet explore fully on this air fryer but my basic fried stuff. is perfect.


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  1. I think memang simple one is good enough, no need for fancy electronic panels when it comes to air fryer, essentially a tiny oven, kan.

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