During big occasions of celebrations, most of us definitely would celebrate outside, it depends on restaurant, bar, playground, seaside or anywhere but for this one occasion we decided to rock this Movida  place by arranging a dinner and surprise birthday party for one of our friend.


Modiva Kitchen, Bar and Club Longue is one of the few latest edition in this one hot spot area at Sunway Giza that start operats at April 2010. A place where usually pack with people for happy hours with their great promotions and after 10pm on certain days it will become a club for people to partayyy with an option without travelling so far down to KL.

modiva (4)

If you feel you do not want to be indoor then they have the outdoor area that a mini bar that served draft beer.

modiva (2)

Indoor before 10pm it is more like a dining space with all plates and cutleries are in place when it is after 10 the place will change

modiva (3)

Be prepared to get pampered by the wide range selection of draft beer.

modiva (18)

As me, Vialentino, Uli and Ken were there early, we decided to go on for their Kilkenny draft beer, anything with draft I am into it.

modiva (19)

A perfect half pint of Kilkenny with the smooth silky foam at the top of it.


Need to take a break after a long day hard work and enjoying myself in this great ambiance.

modiva (5)

modiva (6)

DJ of the night will blast you off with RnB, Trance, House and on certain days have different music. Their RnB mixing is good…

modiva (7)

modiva (8)

If you feel you need in style with some privacy space with your own friends, then get this VIP area with solid red sofa that suits you well by overlook at the dance floor.

modiva (9)

modiva (10)

modiva (11)

Monday to Saturday having different promotions and music.

modiva (12)

modiva (13)

modiva (14)

Yvonne, Shell, Choi Yen and Jas

modiva (15)

modiva (16)

Lemongrass Tea

modiva (20)

Milkshake – Thick and creamy with ice cream taste, worth the price.

modiva (17)

Special lychee ice-blended – chill and sweet of lychee taste

modiva (21)

Iced lychee that had hint of lime which is sweet and a bit of sour.

modiva (22)

Mojito – not solid hard in taste but great to go along with pizza.

modiva (23)

Special MOVIDA cocktail


modiva (24)

The food presentation itself already much attracted us to take our knife and fork to poke through it and go into our mouth. Seared Scallops had been well grill on both side that does not make it too cook yet its soft in the middle and its fresh accompany by mango chilli salsa, alfalfa and basil that mix the taste of sweet sour very well. Great start.

modiva (26)

Sauted Prawn’s on grilled zucchini, aioli and aragula

modiva (27)

Grill along with a bit of spice that the prawn absorb the taste and with one big bite taste that served with simple decorations.

modiva (28)

Char Grilled Lamb that grill till did not over cook it, soft on the meat which doesnt make it too hard to bite, shower along with mint sauce is perfect.

modiva (29)

When this was served it shock us a little with such a big portion, Country Style Roast Chicken grilled sweet potatoes, corn on cob and mushroom gravy.

modiva (25)

Then this fellow Vialentino was so hungry till keep asking I want that piece i want that piece, and picture picture.. lol..seriously have to thank this crazy guy for arranging all this.

modiva (30)

Next in the list Fillet of Salmon with zucchini ribbon, boiled baby potatos and spicy tomato sauce.

modiva (31)

While I was taking the picture pointing it near to my camera I can still feel the heat of the plate and salmon and the slices of it parting slightly had tempted all of us by the look of it, it proves us right that the salmon is fresh and with fork poking in through it just break naturally and eat along with the sauce on the plate is awesome.

modiva (32)

If you prefer something light or mind in taste then I would recommend Spaghetti Aglio-olio with Seafood with olive oil, chilli, parsley and basil.

modiva (33)

I used to be do not like Pasta in this kind of dressing but after much I learn how to enjoy it, this would be one of the latest edition to my list.

modiva (34)

MOVIDA Platter with Quesadillas, Chicken Wings, Tempura Calamari, prawn served with Thai Chili Sauce.

modiva (38)

modiva (39)

modiva (40)

modiva (35)

Clubber’s PlatterChicken wings, sauteed lamb sausages, potato wedges and grilled squid

modiva (36)

modiva (37)

modiva (41)

One thing that we love it very much for the night is their pizza range. Prepared in very thin in slices yet rich in flavour. Shower with a lot of cheeze and the ingredient added on is not stingy. Smoked Salmon Flambe with Gorgonzola & Mushroom

modiva (42)

Beef Pepperoni Pizza

modiva (43)

Beef Bacon Flambe with mushroom, onion & cheese on thin crust

modiva (44)

I just can have this whole piece by myself.

modiva (45)

We are the pizza delivery people. If you need pizza, just call us at 7654321 for pizza delivery.

modiva (51)

After our dinner there is a mini show from this great master of magic performer – Zlwin Chew from http://www.zlwinmagic.com/

modiva (52)

Seriously what he did is just not a trick that he perform directly infront of our eyes.

modiva (53)

From normal fork then he shake it lightly and till the form of it change till its all bent!

modiva (54)

Then Choi Yen did not believe what he is doing and decided to give it a touch of it but she felt the bent of it.

modiva (55)

To further bent it, he use the power of eyes that Superman had the red light lazer beem from his eyes but Zlwin had the invisible version.

modiva (56)

Then she decided to try again to proof it!


At the end of the result, bent plus super bent. Then we took the fork and try to twist it ourself and trust me, they are just the hard steel fork as we usually use and Vialentino using all his energy to bent back the shape of it but then that’s just too hard. Something Amazing huh~


Choi Yen and her Magic fork.

modiva (46)

Next comes to this celebration that must not miss a full temptation cake which is Durian Cake topped with Macaron was specially made by BigBoysOven.

modiva (47)

To celebrate his age, we try to poke as many candle as possible instead of one.

modiva (48)

One funny thing is that we use the trick candle where you blow the candle already it will never flame out and one little spark lit it back again. Well, Ken did not know that as he blow the cake till his face is so funny.

modiva (49)

Happy Birthday to Ken on that day.

modiva (50)

It was a great night for all of us to hang out with booze, good food and great companion which cannot deny that Modiva was one of the good choice, furthermore I have been returning to this place for a few times already.

If you are looking for a place to dine and drink, this is one of the places I would recommend.

Movida Kitchen-Bar-Club Lounge
Unit C.03 & C.03a, Block C, Sunway Giza Mall,
No.2, Jalan PJU 5/14, PJU 5, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-6141 8022 /03-6141 8022 Fax: 03-6141 8023

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.movida.my/


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    • Taufulou Reply

      yeah loh.. but so many ppl one person 1 sip also habis~

  1. seems like so much FUN! the fork… thank goodness doesnt lead to spooning… eh.. or is it suppose to be the other way round? spooning leads to forking? muahahaha.. 😛

    • Taufulou Reply

      yeah… u also ngam ah? thought you go for mostly stout?

  2. Hi =) Am going to celebrate my 21st birthday next thurs.. am thinking to organize a mini party with my friends~ but then, am thinking to choose either the Library or Movida. Which one would be a better choice?

    • Taufulou Reply

      it really depends on you .. as library is just a place to sit and chill

      movida a place sit and chill and if i m not mistaken they got play rnb music towards late night..

      you better call movida and check it out.. if for me i would prefer movida, again you ask your friend where they prefer loh..so every 1 is happy. . 🙂

      Happy 21st birthday in advance

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