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Well, as I remember during the last Planet of the Apes that acted by Mark Wahlberg do not have any connection to this movie but well I assume its another brand new continuation to bring back this movie to another level.

The Rise of Planet of the Ape is about a research company trying to develop a cure for people with Alzheimer to make them more intelligent back and instead of testing on human, the tested it on chimps and the epic of it was failed on stage two and the Dr. decided to test it on his dad. Results proven right for the first few years then deteriorate badly after that because of human anti body and chimps have another types of antibody. Then they decided to make it more strong doze as where the smart chimps proven work had gather become tai lou and attack humans that on the way as they are back to the forest

At the end of the movie, there is a another short trailer and it seems no connection to it but I guess there will be part 2 of this movie.

Not a bad movie after all.. . .

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Overall ratings 7/10, .  quite okay~. .

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  1. I’m still thinking whether to watch this in cinema or not. I havent even watch Captain America yet. =

    • Taufulou Reply

      lol..if you want to watch leng zhai with great body then captain america loh..

      if love animal then planet of the ape. . :d

  2. Actually i think this has a connection to the first ‘planet of the apes’ movie in 1968.

    Spoiler ahead – if you have not seen movie, dont look

    I have not seen the first planet of the apes but i remember the storyline vaguely, its about humans coming to this planet with only apes on it which are human like. But this latest movie seems to be a prequel to that one, that means it’s supposed to be what happens before.

    If you remember in the newest movie firstly they are working on getting humans to mars and they make some sort of breakthrough. This sets the scene for humans leaving earth and being based on another planet. which is important why, because of this…

    Secondly, the guy who works in the lab gets sprayed with the formula and he dies a few days later which means its toxic to humans. But before that he visits the home of the scientist and runs into the neighbour who is a pilot.if you can remember he sneezes on the pilot. With the chimp escape scene we know that the formula travels through air so the pilot becomes the latest carrier of the formula. the scene where he heads to the airport basically shows that he spreads the formula to other humans through travel. Thats why humans have to leave the planet, because the formula spreads throughout the world. And that makes it easier for the apes to take over.

    The walberg one is a remake of the 1968 movie but the rise of the planet of the apes definately seems like a prequel.

    • Taufulou Reply

      wow..thanks for thewhole write up.. now i understand beter..

      no wonder i don understand .. on that scene i miss out that part as i was picking up a call arond that time .. ..

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