Mr.Jones Orphanage is rated among my friends is a must visit cafe in Bangkok and there are two choices for you to choose. One which is conveniently located in Siam Paragon and their original outlet is located at Thonglor Soi 13. Among the two, I have chosen to head to their original outlet as I find that their interior decoration is more interesting that features a huge wooden teddy bear house.

Mr Jones (2)

We head here very early as read alot of review that it is constantly pack with people and I guess we were too early. Great that we do not have to queue and plenty of photo opportunity.

Mr Jones (3)

Mr Jones (4)


Upon entering the main entrance you will see a hop scotch in front of you that instantly brings you down to memory lane. As you look up, you will be greeted with this huge minature wooden cabin that filled with alot of bears from all angles. Instantly it reminds me of Harry Potter.

Mr Jones (5)

In the main area, they have long tables and on the right, you can see “The Playground” where there is this large carousel-design dining table in the center which gives me the feeling of King Arthur and his knights table in teddy bear version. 

Mr Jones (6)


Mr Jones (7)

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I believe many of you have seen this shot in instagram where by their famous cake area, that is filled with variety of cakes yet very colourful.

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Menu are pretty straight forward as they are more towards cakes and desserts, with Mr.Jones Brunch Menu as the side option.

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As I explore around, this is more like I found a new area to explore which is their Chocolate Lounge, as it is more like their hidden attic that is leaded up by a flight of narrow wooden stairs. Upon reaching the top, I basically have to crawl around as the ceiling is super low and it is filled with comfy seating sofas and tables are placed at various corners. You can camwhore with alot of their items that being place around the area such as toy soldiers, library books and plush toys.

Mr Jones (28)

Mr Jones (29)

Its a great hang out place for KIDS ONLY. 😀

Mr Jones (30)

Mr Jones (31)

Mr Jones (32)Mr Jones (33)

Mr Jones (34)

Some other items for you to play with as they have toy soilders, teddy bears and others.

Mr Jones (35)

Mr.Bear was our breakfast host for that day.

Mr Jones (36)

Introducing their signature which is their M&M Chocolate cake with Kitkat and Strawberry Bubble Gum Milk.

Mr Jones (37)

Love their Mocha as its well balance and aromatic.

Mr Jones (38)

Mr Jones (39)

Mr Jones (41)

Mr Jones (42)

Our next order came by with Le Croque Madame and their Pancake with mini marshmallow, chocolate chip and maple syrup.

Mr Jones (43)

Mr Jones (44)

Mr Jones (45)

Mr Jones (46)

Mr Jones (47)

Full English Breakfast.

Mr Jones (48)

Their special bubble gum drink. 

Mr Jones (1)
Indeed it is a very interesting cafe to visit with plenty of corners for you to take picture or Instagram. I do not recommend to walk from the station to the location as we tried to talk and it takes more than 20 minutes to reach. Best option is to take a cab from Thonglor Station

Mr Jones’ Cake Shop

Location: G/F SeenSpace, 251/1 Thonglor Soi 13, Bangkok
BTS: Thong Lor
Tel: +66 (0)2 185 2378


Other Locations:

Siam Centre, 3rd floor
Tel: +66 26581163

Central World, 7th floor
Tel: +66 22521895

Empire Tower, G floor
Tel: +66 22861140

The Mall Bangapi, 1st floor
Tel: +66 27344121

Terminal 21, 4th floor
Tel: +66 20220451


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