Heritage zone in Penang had become one of the tourist spot for many travelers out there including to stay in classic heritage hotel to add on the ambiance. Muntri Mews is one of the early players in Muntri Street, Penang that offers heritage or boutique accommodation.

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Upon reaching, you will be totally lost as this is not your typical check in counter as it is rather hidden where the check in counter is actually inside the cafe as you will be ushered by their friendly staff.

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Cafe is at the front and accommodation is right behind the gate.

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Muntri Mews is housed in a converted row of 19th-century carriage houses. The place is beautifully restored, infused with Malay, Chinese and European influences. Antique, artwork and retro furniture plays its part in setting the theme for the entire hotel.

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The owner is actually a well know ID architecture that still maintain the originality of the layout of this houses. A total of nine suites was created on level one, with four Twin Suite downstairs and five King Suite upstairs. All the suites are equipped with air-conditioned, LCD television, free broadband internet connection and ensuite toilets.

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As my friend was staying in the twin suits, I got a chance to tour around the unit.

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Love the style of it as it still remains like Baba n Nyoya style home. TV is located inside the sleeping area .

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There is no proper cupboard as this are the only mini open hanging space.

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To keep you entertain, the hotel do provide you a mini bluetooth speaker to sync with your phone and also some cables for you to charge your phone just in case if you forgot to bring along your phone cable.

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Bath room is in the classic black and white tiles.

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Even the hand bath soap is wrap in classic version.

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As for complimentary Set breakfast @ RM 31.80 , this boutique hotel offers a unique range which is not your typical buffet breakfast as where you get to choose it from their ala carte menu. Each of the guest will have 2 complimentary set.

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Their cakes do look tempting too, as you can enjoy your afternoon tea as it certainly do not feels like you are at Penang.

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Their overall menu.

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Breakfast menu set for guest.

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You will be serve with 1 bottle of cold press juice each.

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follow by a glass of coffee of your choice , be it long black, latte or cappuccino.

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and here is my order Salmon Bagel and with the size of its serving I am definately happy as it is quite big or a good bargain. Ingredient do look generous and taste is pretty good. Chewy bagel to my liking and smoked salmon is nice.

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Egg Anyway You Like is a classic breakfast filled with turkey ham, grilled tomato, baked beans and toast. @ RM 19.10

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This is my favourite which is Artisan bread, also the simplest of all. A simple toast with just butter and blueberry jam. The toast is so good that the texture is nice, where the size is also slightly thicker, spread it with butter and bluberry I would go 3 slices of it.

One of the problem for travelers or outstation guest that drive will be parking issue as the place here is quite limited in parking space. Price range of this hotel is starting from RM300 onwards.

Muntri Mews
77 Lebuh Muntri
10050 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia

Tel : 04 263 5125

Email : [email protected]


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