During MCO, alot of us like suddenly become masterchef! I have seen suddenly my friend bake such a nice cake. For me, I always call my cooking as Chin Chai cook (means simply cook). This is my 15 minutes Chin Chai Cook Pork Steak during the period.

This is my first time cooking pork chop:
when I put into my @taufulou instagram stories, I always got curse by my friend, saying that the way I cook is not #chinchaicook at all. Some even challenge me to share my recipe. When i Chin Chai cook, I really mean it. No recipe, with actual measurement. All about AGAK-AGAK.

Once I find my cooking pass, then I will start to track back what I have done, like this home cook pork steak.

home cook recipe

Here you go. My chin Chai cook recipe.
1. Pork Steak
2. Fresh Garlic
3. Fresh Thype
4. Potato – Cuz I want to do Mash Potato

Marinate: Simple:

  1. Sprinkle Black Pepper
  2. Sprinkle Salt
  3. Sprinkle any other ingredient you think you like.
    1. Add only. My second round cooking, I add in herbs.

Remark: Important steps: If you wash your steak! Do remember use clean cloth/ tissue towel to dry it off. If not when you put into your frying pan, you gonna have huge fountain of oil and could burn your hand cuz of water in it. REMEMBER!


Home Cook pork chop

1. heat the pan in high fire for one minute (add in online oil after 30 seconds)
2. add in pork steak
3. pan fry the pork steak for :
i) 1 inch pork steak – 2 minutes each (depending on your frying pan)
ii) 2 inch pork steak – 4 minutes each (depending on your frying pan)
4. In between add in 1 tbl of butter
5. After you flip : add in 1 tbl of butter


Pork Chop (3)

My first time doing mash potato also. Chin chai cook home made mash potato

Pork Chop (4)

After 8 minutes : let the pork steak rest for 1-2 minutes.

Pork Chop (5)

Then ready to serve!

Izint it is chin chai cook?

Pork Chop (7)

Pork Chop (6)

Pork Chop (8)

Pork Chop (9)

Pork Steak

Simple Recipe

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  1. Pork chop is hard to get it “just right”, but with sous vide stick.. oh yums! You should look into getting one!

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