Buying first home there is always the most challenging.  I own a home too. It took me a year after a survey then only decided to purchase. There will never be a perfect home within xx budget. There are always somethings to compromise. However, Myra introduced their website with a simple 4-step process to ease the homebuying journey for first-time homebuyers. It is a summaries version and  useful. Once you completed, it also enable you to book a home too.

Once you landed on the website. You will be landing on the main menu. :

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It will be quite a journey. Buying a home is not cheap, of course the journey is longer too as in will be involving your first biggest purchase amount of your life. You eat or sick you still have to save money to pay installment for your house which is the first priority.

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As first homebuyer. This will be your most important part. With your current salary, you can purchase xx amount of home? As exciting as it is to purchase a home for the first time, homebuyers will need to calculate installments, current repayments, interest rates and Debt Service Ratio (DSR) checking.  This will be a good indicator. Through them, it simplifies the entire purchasing process as there are templated examples of documents to submit as well as other information provided to guide you on your home buying journey along with an online calculator to work out your monthly bank loan repayment instalments.

Purchasers will easily be able to upload documents into their personal folder onto their profile on the app. Myra will then be able to review the documents and offer assistance in terms of document submission.  Dont worry, as the was told that the company will keep all data confidential.

Myra’s Homebuying Hub will collect, store and handle personal information of individuals in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) and has obtained SSL Certificate to ensure the security of every app user’s privacy.

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Sounds complicated? Well, it is actually not.

Just click here and start learning the journey of purchasing your house. It is a step by step process.  visit


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