You may be familiar with Turkish coffee, made in that little special pot dipped in hot sand. But today, let’s step back in time to the social beginnings of Turkish coffee, specifically in the vibrant city of Istanbul during the 16th century.


Back then, it was said that the beans came from Yemen and then blended with coffee from the East Indies and India. People would enjoy the coffee in coffee houses, which are apparently ancient equivalents of kopitiams today where people can basically socialise with others.

This is the story behind one of two Nespresso Limited Edition flavours from their Coffee Houses range: Cafè Istanbul. As mentioned in my Instagram post, I’ll be focusing my review and food pairing with this flavour.

Cafe Istanbul (1)

While both have their own personalities, I think Cafè Istanbul is better suited for those who love strong coffee. Its flavour profile is bold but smooth, with a hint of spice from the peppery aftertaste, which goes quite well with dark chocolate.

Cafe Istanbul (2)

Cafe Istanbul (3)

Cafe Istanbul (4)

Like how the Turkish people enjoy their coffee, you can drink Nespresso’s Cafè Istanbul as a shot and  pair it with their classic dessert, baklava. The honeyed sweetness of baklava really adds a lightness to the intensity of the coffee flavour and aroma, perfect for an afternoon coffee break.

Cafe Istanbul (5)

Cafe Istanbul (6)

Cafe Istanbul (7)


Cafe Istanbul (8)

I also tried the Cafè Istanbul as a latte, but I personally prefer having it as an espresso. The flavour is more prominent, and you can really appreciate its smoothness of its body that isn’t too acidic.  

So give it BOTH Coffee Houses flavours a taste and let me know if you have a favourite, or if you like them with milk! Visit the Nespresso boutique at The Gardens Mall or buy online at


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