The coffee trend in Malaysia is still picking up as the months go by. We’re getting spoilt with more choices than ever before, but most brands come up short when offering an authentic coffee experience in the comfort of your own home – unlike Nespresso.

Nespresso Malaysia offers authentic flavours from all around the world; a sustainable coffee experience from the cherries they pick to the coffee I can make on my own!

Nespresso (15)

A perfect cup, for a perfect start.

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A Nespresso machine is indeed a perfect gift for me. An aroma that is hard to resist especially in the morning, to help me get on with my day.

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The Lattissima One is compact enough to fit perfectly in the tight confines of my kitchen. I got it during their recent CNY promo, which ends on 17 February, through their website with a rebate of RM288 off and also received RM88 coffee credit.

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With this machine, I can make an espresso or enjoy my usual cappuccino and latte just by adding milk using the built-in milk system.

Nespresso (4)

I am having a Fortissio Lungo today.

Nespresso (5)

My fresh cup of coffee is just a push of a button away.

Nespresso (6)


Nespresso (7)

Step 1: Fill up the milk container and insert the capsule into the slot.




Step 2: Press the milk button. Once the container is empty, the coffee will begin to pour. Enjoy the aromas that fill the room while you wait.


I love how thick and fluffy the milk froth is.


I made my first milk coffee.


Step 3: Just sit back and relax while enjoying your morning coffee.

My Fortissio Lungo is rich and full-bodied (just the way I like it), yet the aroma of the coffee is intensely fragrant. The aftertaste of malty toasted notes reminds me of West Indian coffee.


A great cuppa before starting my day off, made with the perfect machine that’s compact, time-saving and, most importantly, simple.


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  1. Vow, you have had a great offer. I’m a huge fan of Nespresso coffee and coffee machines. I do have bought them but unfortunately, at that time no offer was available. I’ve gifted one machine to my best friend a few months back.

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