Kronenbourg (6)

This is the latest beer will be added into Malaysian Beer family. Kronenbourg 1664 is the best-selling super premium beer in France and is sold in more than 70 countrieds, the 5th oldest brand in the world especially very successfull in Europe where it is one of the leaders of premium beer brands.

With a brand more than 350 years old, you can just imagine how strong this brand is!

Kronenbourg (7)

The pretty girls will be serving you the new taste of beer for the night.

Kronenbourg (8)

Kronenbourg (9)

The Hills would be one of the very first outlet to serve Kronenbourg 1664 on tap.

Kronenbourg (10)

So to get the best draught for the beer, I guess this would be one of the place.

Kronenbourg (11)

I just love the whole place The Hill as it will make one of my fav hang out with friends with its cozy classic ambiance that decorate brick, wooden floor and nice window panel.

Kronenbourg (12)

Kronenbourg (13)

For French its the art of Pleasure when you enjoying your beer. 🙂

Kronenbourg (14)

Kronenbourg (15)Kronenbourg (16)

Kronenbourg (17)

Emcee for the night by welcoming the 2 great guy by bringing this brand into Malaysia.

Kronenbourg (18)

Kronenbourg (19)

I find that this beer is quite refreshing with its froth is creamy and long lasting, the taste of it is slightly bittersweet with mild citrus hop taste, there is also a touch of yeast, fruits (banana, Mirabelle plum) and pepper that make it pretty unique by itself.

Kronenbourg (20)

Kronenbourg (21)

After had a couple of booze down in our body, we head to the creative area that prepare for all of us to capture on it. We went to this first stop, that the artist sketch us with the distinct touch of Kronenbourg feel in it. I just love it. The picture of my end result is in another friends camera that I did not manage to post in here. Great job for both of them and I sure do love their piece of art!

Kronenbourg (22)

For party poopers, normal mask can be choose on the table that offer as many as around 10 types of it. After choosing your favourite colour mask then girls on the table are prepare to customise your mask on the blink blink decoration available.

Kronenbourg (24)

This is my end product that design by this cute girl, I took 2 . . . so in the future if I do attend any mask partie, I already have mask to choose from . .:D

Kronenbourg (23)

Thanks to her for her creativity and for girls, you difinately can it more sexy by putting eye lash on the mask.

Kronenbourg (25)

The team. . . .  busy glu’ing the mask for alot of people.

Kronenbourg (26)

Esther happy with her decoration, Emeryn with her trademark and Loise choose to be Zero’s wife by going black.

Kronenbourg (27)

Who would not want to have French maid in our house.?

Kronenbourg (28)

and fashion show for the night with free flow of boooze!

Kronenbourg (29)

Kronenbourg (30)

Kronenbourg (31)

Kronenbourg (32)

So with this great beer coming in, you can get it at nearest Klang Valley area soon. Do Watch out~

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