Riang, the sense of great pleasure and happiness. Upcoming Raya month is a time where folks head back to their respective hometowns to be with their loved ones. Sangkaya is presenting you their new special edition series in conjunction with Raya Month.

Blissful Riang Raya:
We introduce to you the new promotional flavour that is Rose Bandung. The Rose Bandung flavour is something all Malaysians can relate to. A taste familiar to the palate which all Malaysians can appreciate.

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Bandung Bliss @ RM 12.20

4 scoops of Rose Bandung flavoured ice cream served in a coconut shell along with strips of coconut flesh.

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Bandung Blitz – A Rose Bandung flavoured coconut shake served with diced cincau (grass jelly) and a scoop of Bandung Ice Cream @ RM 9.90

The Blissful Riang Raya promotion will run from the the 15th of May till the 31st of July.

Besides your traditional Ice Cream cones and waffle bowls. Sangkaya has created new renditions of Malaysia’s traditional desserts with the usual coconut inspired ingredients in all of our desserts.

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Malaysian constantly associate with Toast as the usual classics are: Roti Bakar with butter and kaya. Remains as a classic Malaysian staple food and Sangkaya had made a twist in in by adding a slice of frozen butter and top with 2 scoops of KAYA ice cream. @ RM 6.90

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Ice Cream Cookiez @ RM 4.90 – A duplet of coconut cookies hugging a scoop of premium coconut ice cream.

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Ice Cream Campur @ RM 10.90 is filled with  2 scoops of coconut ice cream, 1 scoop of gula melaka ice cream, coconut flesh, roasted peanuts, sweet corn, cincau, cendol and nata de coco. The introduction of Nata de Coco into the mix is somewhat refreshing and exciting.

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Fresh Baked Waffles @ RM 12.90
Freshly baked coconut waffles accompanied by a trifecta of coconut ice cream scoops. A sprinkle of freshly toasted coconut flakes and a side of whipped cream to top of the crunchy & fluffy delight.


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