On Thursday Night, Connors Stout Porter brings you their draught stout Just Made Right for you to enjoy, especially patrons at La Bodega and O’Galito, Pavillion KL shopping mall get straight to the pint at its ‘A Night Made Right’ just for everyone who swings by on that night.

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First encounter with Connors when they first launch did not make it into my drinking list. Not long after that, they have launch a new re-branding for it with an improve recipe for the flavor (click here) have since, “Just Made Right” to make it one of my alternative stout drink. This drink is Inspired by the original British Stout Porter recipe from the 1700’s, Connor’s Stout Porter was carefully concocted to deliver its crisp texture, gentle roasty undertones with a unique balance that’s not too rich or too bitter. Topped with a creamy head, it’ll take you straight to stout heaven.

Balanced taste, flavorful aroma making it satisfying and easy to drink, even by pairing with food, it do enhance the flavour of it that do not gives you the bitter end flavour yet did not over power flavor of the food.

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Customers who swing by that night, enjoyed themselves with a few games that Carlsberg Malaysia had prepared from:

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The simpliest way to walk away with a half pint is by doing, Share for A Pint. Share for A Pint! All you have to do is take a photo of this Connor’s Giant Pint, share the photo with the hashtag #ConnorsMY and tag the location of this outlet and automatically you can head to the outlet to receive a half pint for FREE

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Pay What’s Right
Have you ever thought of paying as low as RM2 for your Connor’s Stout Porter?
For a limited time only on that night where customers get to order a drink and you can pay what you think is right for your Connor’s Stout Porter! The have fish bowl for them to drop by their payment where they get to choose from either RM2, RM4, RM6, RM8 or RM10 for half a pint of Connor’s Stout Porter and stand to walk away with a Connor’s Stout Porter prize voucher worth RM500!

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Right in front of the restaurant where you see two big group of passer by flocking around this table where many of them are trying out “Slide for A Pint” Game: Can you slide that pint? It looks easy where you are given two little pints to slide and to hit bulls eyes or 50% of the pint lands on any of the bulls eye, they will walk away with half pint. I have tried. It is not easy and of course there are quite alot winners walk away with half pint for that night. 

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Enjoying ourselves with a drink that Just Made Right and of course with celebrity Youtuber – Joseph Germani and also well known bloggers Kelly & Issac.

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The night continue with a tradition by paying tribute to the distinct British history of the original stout porter where we were all suprise by a British Military Marching Band that storm through from both sides of the restaurant along with a dance.  

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Our local talent, with many of crowd favorite, Mad Sally entertained all of us with their superb energetic performance especailly form their lead singer Kelly with her great vocal and lively tunes to tune all of us with pints a pint of Connor’s Stout Porter.

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The lucky winners whom have guess the perfect half pint pricing right that walk away with RM 500 each for that night through lucky draw.

Starting to feel you have miss out a great party? Keep checking out on their Connor’s Stout Porter FB page www.facebook.com/ConnorsMY where they will be running the same activity across their 80 outlets nationwide from April to May 2016.



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