With a little recommendations that there were  a new little cafe pop up in BAngsar and we walk ourselves up and down along the road of Jalan Telawi 3 up and down as even you hardly spot this cafe when you are looking for signboard. We know that we were not in wrong location as in 4square it did mention its aorund the area till we went into the web to dig it out as we were standing in the middle of the road, till we hit the shop number and realise that there is a small A4 size paper stick on the walk mentioning about this place.

NOwhereman Coffee is one of its kind that located on 2nd floor of one of a shop lot that they doesnt have a sign board in the front of the shop lot as they are sharing with a clothing store. They are only occupying a little space in the clothing store. First of its kind as they call it a little pop up store that will be at this shop for 6 months only then they will move to another new location. Its a new brand that head by ARtisan Roast.

nowhere (1)

The beans that they are using is pretty unique that, as they are using Cough Syrup Blend Coffee. Beans are from Bandung’s Tobing Estate and Columbia’s La Joyeria Santa Barbara , which have a citrus acidity, maple syrup and an orange peel finish.


nowhere (2)

nowhere (3)

Yap, this is how big this cafe is with a single head coffee machine and 2 tables one with sofa and another 2 little tables with recycle colour painted pail converted into chairs.

nowhere (4)

 Menu here are just only one page. .

nowhere (5)

nowhere (6)

nowhere (7)

 Coffee here are pretty acidic and strong which the other 2 coffee lover Anna Bella & Eunice love it. .

nowhere (8)

nowhere (9)

nowhere (10)

nowhere (11)

I found this place in early December and therefore from my post onwards they only have another 4-5 months livespan before they move to another new location as they will be at this outlet for only 6 months. Happy Hunting~

-= Jeng Jeng Jeng =-

Coffee Rating 6/10, Not my type of coffee but those who love strong coffee would love it!  -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Nowhereman Coffee@ Bangsar
20-2 Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hour:
Open daily 8am-9pm


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