When comes to Spanish dining, where would you recommend. Did read some review on this place, Ohla Tapas & Cocktail which had been in KL for past 2 years and apparently its well known for their tapas and drinks. The outlet is located in the heart of the city which is in a building known as Intermark.

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I am not too sure is Chef Toni still around in this outlet as I do read that he is from Barcelona and do have several Michelin Star under his belt.

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Its not a large restaurant but certainly comfy cool enough to host estimated 20 pax. If for weekend, I think its best to do a reservation as I am here on weekdays. Upon setting inside the restaurant I love their high bar dining area especially in front of the cooking area which I have recently develop this habit of sitting

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Girls with skirts might find it uncomfortable to be seated on such high stool and they do have another option for you which is at the side, a pretty nicely done up fine dine concept for your dining pleasure.

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Menu are very straight forward, as the choices are only two pages long.

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I was there earlier and the waiter did observe that I might be waiting for quite a while then he introduce me one of their signature beer Ambar 1900 and without hesitation I place an order. Love the taste of the beer as it has sweet end, light flowery barley taste and a complimentary mini tapas for it.

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I did read before this brand and I recommended my friend to order Castellblanch Gold 24 Cava Brut, is a sparkling wine and most of you girls would love it. Fruity end, less bubly and easily to pair with entrée


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Right before our first dish, we were given Marinated Olives with Aromatised Extra Virgin Olive. It is like they have prepare a bottle each for dinners and comes with different types of olive.

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Boquerones with Garlic and Parsley Oil  – Boquerones con Ajo y Aceite Verde @ RM 17 is a unique dish that I first come across. Love this kind of presentation as it reminds me some movie that they prepare sardins in this version, this is actually an anchoivies. Not too salty as my perception are but its is beautifully done. Smooth in texture, super mild garlic taste. I eat along by placing a slice of anchovies on the top with some parsley and one full bite into my mouth. Just perfect with Cava.

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Upon serving this Bellota Iberico Ham @ RM 45, the chef explain to us how should we eat this by following steps. First take a slice of bread, then take the tomato squeeze it slightly and spread it evenly onto the read, follow by pressing the garlic and spread the juice around, end with slight punch of extra virgin olive oil and top with Iberico Ham.

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I love the taste of Iberico ham which is not too strong in flavour, slightly chewy in texture to my liking as compare to others and I did play around without following the chef steps. Taste do turn out different as I think following full steps, it taste much better.

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Pumpking Soup with orange beetroot @ RM 18 is nicely presented, creamy end and nothing to shout about.

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Asked the chef to introduce one of their signature so, turns out to be their Mediterranean Seafood Black Rice, as upon placement the waiter did caution us is a salty base end they do cook their own lobster broth base for it to cook along..

Love the texture of the rice, as its al dante and they are using imported Spanish Rice – Aaroz Bomba. Baked to perfection and indeed it have salty end but I finish it all, as aromatic with seafood taste. Mix with some of their special sauce to balance it up. Sad point is that their mini lobster is not f

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Next is Spanish Suckling Lamb with Milk @ RM 39.50. Moist and juicy, certainly suits many peoples taste bud as it is cook to perfection that do not have the smell/taste of lamb. Cripsy skin on the outside and the sauce have slightly mild sweet sour end to compliments it.

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Caramelised Banana with Brandy @ RM 20.50. It did mention Brandy howevery I did not taste any hint of brandy however we do like the icecream that top on top.

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AT the end of our meal, since we are in Spanish restaurant might as well order Sangria @ RM 38 which I think is pretty expensive for a glass of it. Very unique in taste, compare to other sangria that I have tried and I certainly like this more. Balance enough that I can taste some of the fruit being added even with the orange skin taste. Well balance and light to my liking.

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I certainly love this restaurant services, as they are friendly and attentive and no doubt that their professionalism of serving food is there, with each of the dish being serve, we were being introduce, brief, and explain how we can enjoy the taste. Certainly its more like a Michellin star grade service.

Oh well, I have tried some Spanish restaurant and I would sayI did come across one very good Spanish restaurant which however is not located in KL. The restaurant is known as El Faro which located at Penang and till date still remains one of a better Spanish food that I have tried.

Total bill comes about RM 311.90.


Ohla Tapas & Cocktails
Lot G-18, Ground Floor
The Intermark
348, Jalan Tun Razak
KL City Centre
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-663 2651

Mon-Thu, 11.30-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm;
Fri, 11.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-12midnight;
Sat, 6pm-12midnight


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