A place in Publika that is well known for their custom made sushi roll had made them one of a restaurant to visit around the area. Since then, Okonomi have work with chef to launch their new menu for 2016 to push through their new flavours for customers to enjoy.

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In their open concept kitchen will make you feels that you are walking into Subway, maybe Japanese version? 

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Variety of new items can be hunt from this menu, some of the items do have mini twist of flavours in it.

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If you were to customize your own sushi roll, what you need to do is rather simple. Just tick on the base, ingredients, and sauces that you would like to have in your roll and pass it to the waiter.

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I am in love with their new Mango Prawn Salad @ RM 20.90. No doubht that I am a mango fan, this would be my must order in the list. Top with fresh mango cubes, prawns and tobiko on the top with mango puree as the base of it making it very easy to eat. 

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Salmon Sashimi @ RM 25.90

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This is a new dish to me where their Katsu Curry Roll @ RM 19.90 is serve in a very unique way where instead of our usual katsu rice bowl, it is in a sushi format and they serve curry separately. Love the taste combination that it do give you an instant hit of spicy then subsides with a mild curry fragrant if you dip in it.

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When Italian meet Asian, created this Chicken Gratin @ RM 18.90. If you are a fan of Carbonara base, then this would make it nice where fried chicken is grill and fried, topped with some cheese powder, making it savory dish.

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Back to classic is their Tempura Prawn roll @ RM 22.90 with their crispy flakes.

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One of their signature that did not change much is their Japanese Curry Pasta @ RM16.90.. Still enjoying their creamy curry base with the noodle texture is soft and slightly chewy making it nice. Curry base is slightly more spicy than the usual Japanese Curry flavour that gives you a slight kick in it.

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Azuki Shiratama Partait @ RM 18.90.

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Chocolate Lava Cake @ RM 16.90

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I find that their Green Tea Lava Cake @ RM 18.90. Did really impress as the cut of it did ooze out green tea lava which had been baked to perfection, soft inside and slightly hard outside . A dessert that worth to order. @RM 16.90.

My recommendation would be: Mango Prawn salad, Chicken Gratin and Katsu Curry Roll

A4-G2-02 Solaris, Dutamas, No.1 Jalan Dutamas,
Publika KL.
(below red bean bag/ next to Old Town white coffee & Nearby)

Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm Daily.

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  1. Jap food certainly matured to quite a big variety that we have now, good thing!

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