I was influence so much by Masterchef Australia 2015 where one of the judges-Christy Tania is one of a invited chef that runs Om Nom at Flinders lane is in one of the episode, with the challenge that she had set it it and her end result for her signature dessert is rather mind blowing that turns out to be in a form of ART, where so elements are being infused.

Since then, I had pen down Om Nom as one of a dessert place to visit. With a few advise from my friends, they mention to dine without expectation.

Oh Nom (1)

It is a small dessert place with only handful of tables and it is advisable to make a reservation before heading over.

Oh Nom (2)

It was just random on that night where we just would like to test out our luck after we had dinner. Stepping into the place, it certainly amaze me where it looks like a mini art gallery.

Oh Nom (3)

Waiting area is comfy.

Oh Nom (4)

The restaurant is poorly light up where it is filled with dim colours – yellowish gold lighting that also making it extremely hard for any nice photo taking during night time. It is best advise to visit this place in the afternoon as it would certainly have nicer lighting where the dessert is too pretty not to be captured.

Oh Nom (5)

Oh Nom (6)

I love the floor staff as he is very attentive and pretty good in recommendations too. You can check out their menu here. 

Oh Nom (7)

We start off with one of their signature Chocolate Terrarium @ Aud 28 – Cinnamon Sugared Churos, chocolate ‘Gravel’, pistachio + chocolate sponge, Chocolate Ice Cream, Valhorna manjari 64% moosse + Milk foam

Oh Nom (8)

Oh Nom (9)

As for this, it is spread with some alcohol to infuse the taste of it.

Oh Nom (10)

Oh Nom (11)

Raspberry Field @ Aud 25 – Raspberry + Lychee sorbet, baked meringue, Raspberry panacota, rosewater pearls + white chocolate.

Oh Nom (12)


They have lunch and dinner menu too. Overall, I guess my expectation were sky rocket high with all the glamour from MasterChef as for the taste of the dessert, I should have listened to my friend by lowering down my expectation.

If I would say on the amount of dessert that I have tried during my vacation, this sits right at the bottom of my list. No doubt presentation is awesome and blow blowing. Taste is rather disappointing.

Indeed only worth visit once.

Oh Nom – Adelphi Hotel
187 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000,

Phone:+61 3 8080 8827

Hours: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM, 6:00 – 10:30 PM


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