Little did I know that Swatch is actually launching their new special collaboration with Omega to come out with this special series Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch Collection that price at RM 1,065. My phone started getting messages from my oversea friend that can I help them to buy this. I was like okay. Then at 25th 8pm, crazy people already start queuing in front of Pavilion KL for the launch to purchase on 26th March 10am. I heard my friend said it was gone in 1 hour.

After reading further, just only realise it is not Limited edition however my oversea friends told me it is 1,000,000 units release worldwide. For KL, they going to release another few more batch with more stores. I guess I am going to wait.

I think the watch is too small for me also, suspecting the size to be in 42-45mm? Most of my watches are in between 48mm – 55mm.


I find that this is indeed a super clever branding crossover and with its uniqueness of planet naming. Total there are 13 types available? hmmm

swatch omega moon

However my own personal preference is this Swatch x Omega Moonswatch series Mission to moon series as I find it is the nearest to Omega Speedmaster. Quite Classic.

When I see the actual pictures below, I felt it is quite plastic however in theirwebsite show Case Material is Bioceramic with Velcro strap.



swatch mission to moon

Each piece of the watch behind comes with different naming of the planet. Cleverly done up to recognize as one of the series.

swatch omega mars

my second Choice is Swatch x Omega Mission to Mars series. The only slight different is the mini dail arrow.

swatch omega saturn

Omega x Swatch Moonwatch series also do capture my attention on Mission to Saturn. As the 6pm dail there got the planet ring itself that makes it unique!

Swatch omega venus

For final, I think women series Omega x Swatch Moonswatch series is this Mission to Venus cuz the little outer small ring dail have its on mini little planet. which the rest of the series do not have.

bioceramic moon watch

I went to check the series out and here you go.


Side view do look plastic and velcro strap just look classic like my high school watch.


Valuable is the side turn dail do have the logo of Omega x Swatch.

omega speedmaster moonswatch

Overall, I find that picture and real thing is huge different.

omega x swatch

swatch x omega

Find out more in their website at which planet do you like :Swatch Website to located next round of release in Swatch Shop in Malaysia

Happy Queueing and happy hunting.


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  1. It’ll never be a real Omega but .. ok gua, good value perhaps and maybe can make some $$ if quantity’s limited.

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