When the brand Tous les Jours hit Malaysian market with its first outlet in Bukit Bintang, it had created a massive wave of foodie to hit the stores. Since then, they had become a brand that many people would go and one of their latest establishment that I came across is in Empire Subang.

ORchid Culture (1)

Its a very nice build up cafe that sits right infront of the mall main entrance.

ORchid Culture (2)

What impress me in this outlet is that now they have a restaurant session that serve full scale food.

ORchid Culture (3)
ORchid Culture (4)

ORchid Culture (5)

and of course not to miss out on their classic section which is choices of bread for you to hunt for and coffee for you to have or to go.

ORchid Culture (6)

ORchid Culture (7)

ORchid Culture (8)

What makes them even more unique with this huge look like green house cafe is even more interesting when Orchid Culture is part of them.

ORchid Culture (10)

Variety of orchid can be found here which some of the breed is so pretty.

ORchid Culture (11)

ORchid Culture (12)
ORchid Culture (13)

Love the feeling of sitting in this area for a lazy cozy afternoon with a sip of coffee and over look this little area of orchid and some Japanese bamboo tree are right outside.  You can check them out at Tous les Jours at Empire Subang.


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