It was one of the weekend, after receiving a message from my friend to pay a visit to his farm. Decided to head over by bringing my niece over. It is a Ostrich Wonderland located in Semenyih. Little did I know that, there is actually a Ostrich Farm in KL.

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Ostrich Wonderland (1)

This place also known as Chikaboo Homeland, Ostrich Wonderland in Semenyih. A farm in Semenyih. Indeed it is a great place for family especially family with kids. A kids friendly farm in this enclose area. It is quite a huge farm as it covers from Ostrich, goat, goose, turkey, and other organic vegetable produce.

Will be a great time for kids to explore around in the farm with the actual animal, feel, feed and touching them.

Ostrich Wonderland (2)

The special promotion for the weekend is 2 adults 2 kids @ RM 90. Comes with a pack of veggie for goat feeding, 2 bottle of milk for goat feeding, donkey ride and entrance to the farm. (The actual normal rates as the last picture in the blog. )

Ostrich Wonderland (3)

There are some meats that you can buy back too. if you worry that today is not your cooking day, then you can let them know on your purchase then they can arrange delivery to your door step.

Ostrich Wonderland (4)

First stop, monkey station.

Ostrich Wonderland (5)

then the first corner you will see some Ostrich and a rabbit petting area.

Ostrich Wonderland (6)

Ostrich Wonderland (7)

Ostrich Wonderland (8)

second time seeing an ostrich as my first is in Melbourne Zoo if I remember correctly.

Ostrich Wonderland (9)

Then the owner put a basket of duckling and baby chic for kids to touch and play around.

Ostrich Wonderland (10)

Follow by an explanation of chicken egg and ostrich egg hatching area.

Ostrich Wonderland (11)

Ostrich Wonderland (12)

Pick and choose with a picture opp for the kids. It is funny you see kids chase around the duckling.

Ostrich Wonderland (13)

Ostrich Wonderland (14)

this peacock being nice to us by showing us the full bloom.

Ostrich Wonderland (15)

Then we head for the farm tour and the first area. The guide is also the farm owner showing us on the mating process of ostrich. Quite interesting that (you can see more in my youtube video as above)

Ostrich Wonderland (16)

Quite a huge play area for the ostrich as it is not a kind of congested farm too.

Ostrich Wonderland (17)

Baby Ostrich that just hatch less than a week. A fun fact that I learn.

After it hatch, the first 3 days the baby ostrich does not really need to eat as it rely on the egg yolk as the food source. while the first week they tend to get thinner or smaller as they are learning how to eat.

Ostrich Wonderland (18)

Ostrich Wonderland (19)

Ostrich Wonderland (20)

Turkey farm. Was told that the turkey grown to a certain weeks, then let them roam freely.

Ostrich Wonderland (21)

Ostrich Wonderland (22)

Ostrich Wonderland (23)

The goose farm. Goose are all taken care well as you can see the feather is so nice. DO NOT chase after them as they chase after you and bite on you. You will certainly enjoy the bite and mark after that.

Ostrich Wonderland (24)

After that, went to the goat farm. Most of them are separated by weeks or months. Time to use the goat milk to feed on baby goat.

Ostrich Wonderland (25)

After done, use the vegetable to feed the goat too.

Ostrich Wonderland (26)

Ostrich Wonderland (27)

She is so happy after feed finish all the veggie.

Ostrich Wonderland (28)

Ostrich Wonderland (29)

Last before we head off, the donkey ride. per ticket is 1 round of the front farm that near to the entry point.

Ostrich Wonderland (30)

Ostrich Wonderland (31)

This mini organic market produce is only showcasing on every last week of the month which is all grown by my friends family- Jerry. (his fb link is at the bottom of the blog that purchase can be deliver to your area depending on his schedule) 

All product is available to purchase on that day.

Ostrich Wonderland (32)

oh yah. If you are here and have not taste Ostrich egg, do order from the kitchen and test it out. See what is your thought on it, ostrich egg vs chicken egg.

Ostrich Wonderland (33)

This is the price of the entry to the farm and price of the produce.

Ostrich Wonderland (34)

Indeed a kids friendly farm in Selangor.

If any of you do come across any interesting farm, do share with me too.

Ostrich Wonderland Semenyih
43500 Semenyih, Selangor

For enquiries, please call/Whatsapp 016-626 6943

Operating Hours: 10am – 6pm
(Closed Monday)

Waze link:


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