Malaysia is well known for our street food. One of the best place to hit with huge range of street food of course is the classic Night Market as Malaysians called it Pasar Malam. Since working around the area with my ex company, me and my ex colleague decided to drop by OUG Pasar Malam or OUG Night Market to hunt for food. It is also a place to know what is the latest trend of food in the market as these peeps are also the fastest in copying your food concept.

OUG Pasar Malam (2)

Calculating back on my last visit only  I realise it was 6 years ago. Stepping back into this area is making me like a small kid looking forward for a cotton candy. There are so many things to hunt in here. One of the stalls that I will not miss is Smelly Tofu which they have tone down but still love the stinky taste of it.

OUG Pasar Malam (3)

If I remember correctly, this night market have grown lightly bigger.

OUG Pasar Malam (4)

Classic Kuih that still using Chinese Tea Cup.

OUG Pasar Malam (5)

View from Jalan 16 is already hitting you with long stretch of food stalls.

OUG Pasar Malam (7)

OUG Pasar Malam (8)

OUG Pasar Malam (9)

The boss is very friendly as he ask you ty tried it. If you do not like it, he will give you a smile and come back next round. I find it quite decent as it is thin crust biscuti base and do add more chese for the cheesy fillings.

OUG Pasar Malam (10)

This Taiwan Oyster Mee Sua is quite nice. Love their vinegar and their chili paste.

OUG Pasar Malam (11)

OUG Pasar Malam (12)

Kai Dan Zhai or known as little egglets

OUG Pasar Malam (13)

Fried Kuih Kak

OUG Pasar Malam (14)

Classic kuih from prawn crackers, Chai Kuih with 2 different fillings.

OUG Pasar Malam (15)

Lets turn into Jalan Rahmat 3 stretch.

Before Chatime invaded our Milktea, we were all inlove with this instant bubble milk tea. I still love my Yam Flavour.

OUG Pasar Malam (16)

These classic home recipe from this uncle is good. Fried to perfection as the taste is still there. Just need to dip a little chili sauce.

OUG Pasar Malam (17)

OUG Pasar Malam (18)

Taiwanese version of Duck spare parts.

OUG Pasar Malam (19)

OUG Pasar Malam (20)

This popiah stall has long queue where it is the KL version. Dry skin as did now shower with Sengkuang Gravy. I find it so so only as the shrimp paste is slightly too strong. Well, some of you might love it.

OUG Pasar Malam (21)

OUG Pasar Malam (22)

OUG Pasar Malam (23)

Our Malaysia night market of course is not only about food (where 70% of them is food) you will still find other things like specs, undergarments, cheap t shirt, Pyjamas, toiletries, handphone casing/screen proectors and many others.

OUG Pasar Malam (24)

OUG Pasar Malam (25)

Classic kids biscuits

OUG Pasar Malam (26)

Dog/Cat Treats!

OUG Pasar Malam (27)

OUG Pasar Malam (28)

Classic ice cream potong. Bought Asam. In love with the classic taste of it.

OUG Pasar Malam (29)

One of a famous stall that sells fluffy cakes.

OUG Pasar Malam (30)

I have never seen a Laksa Stall that cook the soup in such a gigantic pot. It indeed does smells awesome. Wanted to make a take away but our hand were too full . Shall leave it next round.

OUG Pasar Malam (31)

OUG Pasar Malam (32)

Hong Kong Curry Fish ball, but they have evolve to Tomyum too.

OUG Pasar Malam (33)

OUG Pasar Malam (34)

For anything with salted egg yolk – Look for Ultraman stall. They have been feature in quite number of online portal and shows. Indeed to taste awesome as it is well coated and taste is pungent. From Squid, to chicken and others.

OUG Pasar Malam (35)

Another classic Kuih

OUG Pasar Malam (36)

I realise that on my last blog post, this guy was here and till date he is still here. The only difference is he have added a new range which is Polar Bear softserve Ice Cream. Both of items are good. Green Pan Cake do offer in variety of flavour from base to ingredients.

OUG Pasar Malam (37)

OUG Pasar Malam (38)

My usual will be his Pandan and Charcoal mix. Love the chewy texture, fragrant dough and eat along with his Polar Bear ice cream is perfect.

OUG Pasar Malam (39)

Polar Bear Soft Serve do varies in flavours depending on flavour of the day. Usually he will carry 2 flavour.

OUG Pasar Malam (41)

Classic Taiwanese Sasausge trend that will never die in Pasar Malam. Filled with variety of flavours.

OUG Pasar Malam (42)

Lok Lok stalls or known as steam boat stalls.

OUG Pasar Malam (43)

Char Koey Teow

OUG Pasar Malam (44)

This one tasted so so only

OUG Pasar Malam (45)

Classic Bake Salted Chicken

OUG Pasar Malam (46)

OMG! Penang Mee Jawa. Will come back try next round.

OUG Pasar Malam (47)

Siew Mai and other Breakfast Tim Sum item also evolve to be colourful. Just like our trend.

OUG Pasar Malam (48)

OUG Pasar Malam (49)

This uncle Takoyaki is not bad but I prefer is Durian Puff More. Wish that the puree is slightly thicker then would be perfect.

OUG Pasar Malam (50)

Variety of drinks available

OUG Pasar Malam (51)

Saw this in alot of Chinese Portal months ago and still quite interesting. Cola Chicken.

OUG Pasar Malam (52)

When I arrive at 7.30pm this guy had been frying non stop till we have tapau all our food and decided to sit down at one of the Coffee Shop, he still fried non stop and his cooking method of Fried Oyster is quite interesting. Decided to order one from him and my portion was the last 3rd portion at 10pm.

Suprise with the taste as it is quite different, where the sauces he fried with oyster is the enhancement of it. At RM 10 I have no complain on this. Worth to give it a try.

OUG Pasar Malam (53)

Now days Pasar Malam is not cheap anymore. It is not like back to those days when we wanted to have cheap food, Pasar Malam or Night Market is the place to be. 4 of us had spend at least RM 50 each in this 2 n half hour walkabout.

OUG Pasar Malam (54)

Well, I am truely impress with the amount of food stalls that OUG pasar Malam have to offer and there are much more. Will come back again for another round before hitting to Taman Connought Pasar Malam next round.

My main mission is actually to hunt For Classic POO’s Ice cream . those Ice cream that I used to eat it when I was a kid and my last visit the uncle is still here. Sad to say, his legacy ends then.

OUG Night Market
Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3

Opens ONLY every Thursday 6pm – 11pm


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  2. anonymmous Reply

    Nice blog and photoslol!! you made a simple pasar malam in Malaysia resembles Taiwan 士林夜市 lol

  3. Hey Taufulou!
    Thank you so much for your review. In fact I visited last week. And it sure awesome!
    Btw, my aunt wants to sell some homemade food as well. Do you, by any chance, have contact of the owner to rent space?

    • Hieeee Jane,

      Thanks for heading to the night market. I am not sure. Maybe you have to ask the vendor in the Pasar Malam to give you some tips.

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