One of a quirky entrance that excites alot of people is this Out of NoWhere SpeakeasyBar. One of the speakseasy bar that they nail it on the term speakeasy..  Quirky, hidden and mysterious. Lets start off with the interior.

Outofnowhere (2)

Upon entering the fridge, this is the first section which you will see. It is actually quite dim and is the only section which is air condition.

Outofnowhere (4)

As for this area, which is slightly open space with natural air. If the weather is too hot, it might get quite warm but they do have small fans.

Outofnowhere (5)

Love the ambiance of this place, as it is chill, nicely decorated with dim lights, dark settings with tress placement around that gives you the feel like you are in lush area.

Outofnowhere (6)

Outofnowhere (7)

Outofnowhere (8)

Outofnowhere (9)

Outofnowhere (10)

I was there for 2 nights and only realise that on the first night, they do have special invited mixologist all the way from KL. Hence the presentation is very different from what I had which is the menu above on the top left – (Guest Edition Menu) and that night was havoc. Out of NoWhere SpeakeasyBar is indeed Sardine pack!

Outofnowhere (11)

This are the 2 drinks we tried, Planter Mix comes with Gin, lemon Balm Vermouth, Osmanthus, Corombola and Pandan Tonic. Quite an intersting drink that gives you nice balance but with the edition of chocolate or even the tomato on the toothpick, it did not enhance the drink or added flavour with it. Personally felt that without is better.

Another drink which is : Ayurvedic Remedy : Bourbon Whisky, Hartaki Infusion, Lapsang Souchong Maraschino Reduction and Mandarin Bitters.

Both drinks are at RM 38. now looking back at the menu, I should have tried Harvest Fest.

Outofnowhere (13)

This was the signature of the night on the guest mixol0gist which alot of people are ordering. It looks quite pretty as like a pot of flowers in the garden.

Outofnowhere (14)

Outofnowhere (12)

Outofnowhere (15)

Few days later we went again, as KL friends are in Penang and asking where is cool. Decided to drop by Out of NoWhere SpeakeasyBar again and only realise that the guest mixologist is gone. It was only for that night few days back.

Outofnowhere (16)

Outofnowhere (17)

This drink for me, I think it quite extreme. Either you like it or you hate it. Roti has it names where give you bitter hit first and the foamy top is like bread in water. I felt that if you mix it well, the flavour is better instead of just sip it slowly. Certainly not my type of cocktail.

Outofnowhere (22)


Outofnowhere (20)

Among the 4 drinks, I would recommend this 2. The other 2 is too adventurous for me.

Outofnowhere (21)

Outofnowhere (23)

Outofnowhere (24)

The exit area which is nicely light up. Lets head to the entrance on how to enter this place.

Outofnowhere (25)

by day, it is a cafe on the front, and look out for Hold Up Cafe which is a beautiful minimalist cafe.

Outofnowhere (26)

at night, if the place get too pack, you can see people queuing in. It sparks alot of curiosity too on the entrance.

Outofnowhere (27)

Enter thru the side door.

Outofnowhere (28)

Outofnowhere (29)

Look for this orange fridge, open it and walk thru it. A fridge of a size that looks exactly like your house hence the reason why it is in bright orange in the cafe. This is the secret door of entrance.

You also can hop others:

  1. Manchu
  2. Golden Shower by Chin Chin
  3. top 16 bar in Penang

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8.5/10 , For chill out spot speakseasy bar, this top in my list for Penang! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Out of No Where
(Hold Up! café is your entry portal)
75, Jalan Kuala Kangsar, 10100 George Town.
T: +016 422 0657

Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday: 6pm – 1am
Friday – Saturday: 6pm – 2am
Closed on Sundays


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