Palsaik? Well, I do not really know what is the interpretation or meaning of it but I sure do know that they offer one of the best BBQ flavour in Korea where I did hunt them down. Its not easy to look for them but finally did make an effort after some taxi bring us to wrong location and took train to the nearest station. Palsaik Korean BBQ  now is in Malaysia.

It is not only about that as one of the best Korean BBQ restaurant had landed in Kuala Lumpur and open its door to public 2 months ago, with its first operating outlet at Solaris Kualal Lumpur. One of the reason that they are famous is because of their multi flavoured marinated pork.

palsaik (1)

Whole concept is pretty similiar to the one in Korea as I find that outlet still feel much better (will blog only about that outlet soon)

palsaik (2)

Dining area are however seperated into 2 area which I called the above private area and open concept as below.

palsaik (3)

palsaik (4)

One good trick is that, instead of putting your bag ontop of the chair, you can actually put into it by removing the top seating cover then put inside into the mini barrel that if it fits. Its to prevent your lost belongings and also from getting dirty.

palsaik (5)

After staring at this wall only realise that they do have a few branches world wide.

palsaik (6)

Menu are straight forward as they only have 2 pages for you to look at. All set comes with this seafood soup base and 8 flavour pork and unlimited veggie refill. 😀

palsaik (7)

palsaik (8)

palsaik (9)

palsaik (10)

palsaik (11)

palsaik (12)

Here you go as its being presented on a long solid wood with engravings of each flavour onto it.

palsaik (13)

palsaik (14)

This is us showing how long this flavour board could be. If you are a big eater then 2 person can finish this. If not 3 person is just nice.

palsaik (15)

Then were told by KC to order this ginseng roots as it add more flavour to the pork when you wrap with the veggie and of course I agree to try.

palsaik (16)

If you do not know how to cook your bbq pork, do not worry as they will have some one standby to assist in your food and what you need to do is just be responsible and finish all of it. :p

palsaik (17)

Soup here are refillable and I refill it for 4 rounds. Soup base is pretty sweet and taste abit with miso end that I quite enjoy it.

palsaik (18)

Most of the pork are cook to perfection and not all flavours comes to my liking. I do prefer the Ginseng flavour as its pungent and umph, the rest are not bad.

palsaik (19)


palsaik (20)

No doubt that adding the ginseng into the wrap veggie and pork sure do add more flavours into it. Just beware that do not add a huge piece as you might like the combination of taste. To me I find it pretty good.

palsaik (21)

Korean BBQ of course eat in their authentic way without eating rice. Just use veggie, add in garlic, their house special chili sauce, onion then wrap around it and eat.

Find that the taste of this outlet is not as good as the one in Korea and nothing special about it. However if you would want to try something new in Korean BBQ then this outlet would be worth a try.

Do not expect it to be awesomely good. Lower down your expectation then you would enjoy. 😀


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, ok only lah-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Palsaik Korean BBQ
J-01-09, SohoKL,
Solaris Mount Kiara,
No.2 Jalan Solaris,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603- 6211 0383

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday, Sunday 11:30 – 22:30 ;
Friday, Saturday and holidays 11:30 – 23:30


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