Kerinchi (17)

Ice Kacang or Cendol.

Kerinchi (18)

Pack of drinks. . . .

Kerinchi (19)

Fried Chicken

Kerinchi (20)

Kerinchi (21)


Kerinchi (22)

Kerinchi (23)

Kerinchi (24)

Kerinchi (26)

Ikan Bakar

Kerinchi (27)

Kerinchi (28)

Kerinchi (29)

Popiah Goreng (Fried Popiah)

Kerinchi (30)

Cakes and biscuits

Kerinchi (31)

Sup Johor

Kerinchi (32)

Spicy and nice. . .

Kerinchi (33)

Roti John

Kerinchi (34)

Kerinchi (35)


Kerinchi (36)

One of the best in the street as this stall had lots of people.

Kerinchi (37)

Fried Mee

Kerinchi (38)

Otak-Otak Kempas ‘Special’

Kerinchi (39)

Kerinchi (40)

Kinabalu Chicken Wings

Kerinchi (41)

Kerinchi (42)

Ikan Bakar

Kerinchi (43)

Kerinchi (44)

Kerinchi (45)

Malay Pancake

Kerinchi (47)

with chocolate Rice

Kerinchi (48)


Kerinchi (49)

Putu Bambu

Kerinchi (50)

Kerinchi (51)

Kerinchi (52)

Kerinchi (53)

Varieties of Kuih-Muih

Kerinchi (54)


Kerinchi (25)

Next hunting of Pasar Ramahdan will be Setiawangsa and TTDI as highly recommended by my colleague. If you do have any good and delicious pasar Ramahdan, feel free to suggest.

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    • Taufulou Reply

      hehe…it is..lagi 1 malaysia post coming up..from the pasar ramahdan i went last weekend..

    • Taufulou Reply

      haha..i want also..too big i cant finish…want to share? 😀

  1. hey…. excellent post!! featuring our local food and culture… looks authentic… nice captures of all the street vendors making their food… some are new to me also. i esp like the photo on the making of the swirly roti jala it is rite?

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