I think there is a super surge of Malaysia passport renewal June 2022 and I did it online and chose Immigration Jalan Duta as they are very efficient. This is what I learned that you can get your passport done in 2 hours or less than that. Do note that due to huge volume of renewal, now they are operating 8am – 10pm (YES! 10PM – mostly Klang Valley) – click here for their announcement

Find out Immigration center in Malaysia

There are a few easy steps to renew your passport currently through their online system :

Step 1: Renew your passport thru our Malaysia Immigration website

Step 2: very important to upload your pictures correctly

Step 3: you will receive email once all is completed 3rd day onwards. If failed also you will receive email. If you did not receive email on 3rd day onwards also can direct go to immigration center as mostly already ready.

Current Situation:

  1. If you receive email on failed thumbprint
  2. Failed Pictures

Do not bother by calling the immigration hotline as I have been doing that for at least 1 day cuz mine is failed picture upload twice. Till I decided to visit the center in the morning to clarify.

Immigration jalan dutaThis is the situation at 7am and I got shocked. Loook at the queeeeeee. I ask the rela memeber there and asked what time did the first person reach here? he said 6am! Damm!!! It had been daily for the past 10 days. I queue for 10 minutes then I felt it is not right as I just wanted to find out the issue of my rejected picture thru online. Manage to find 1 lady officer and she guided me awesome. Ask me to go back, prepare all my failed picture mention in email and receipt come back any time after 3pm as there are less people. passport renew malaysia On the way back from work and since its jam, I just turn in to try my luck to test what the officer told me is it true or not, for me also to kill time anyway instead of jamming back home. It was 6.15pm and ohhhmygoooddd!!!! Its empty!

I ask the officer, at counter 11 for numbering and guess what. NEXT Number is ME! .Verify my details, IC and passport then snap a new picture on the spot and DONE in 5 FREAKING MINUTES! Was told to come back next day anytime. Queue could be only less than 30 minutes by luck -2-3 hours. He advise again to come after 3pm. Less people from the morning effect.

Immigration malaysia

I got it done less than 5 minutes and park right at the entrance. Do not have to find parking in the morning and round and round for parking space! This is just so easy!

What you do not need to do is wake up early at 5-6am then drive there super early to be no.1 in queue to get it done within 2-4 hours, cramp with people, stand in non air condition sweating all the way. Now can do it at your convenience and just need to go back twice. If you wish to get your passport on the day. I was best advice to reach before 4pm and depends on the crowd in the morning. (so yah, go back twice and done within 1-2 hours) – i would rather do that.

If you do not follow online registration Step 1-3 online you can do walk in at your any convenience time. Walk in process:

Step 1: take number

Step 2: take picture at the booth

Step 3: make payment:

Step 4: go back to original counter to share to the officer that you have paid

Step 5: take another number for collection

Step 6: leave the building and go back la!

Collected my passport 1 week later at 9pm for just less than 15 minutes wait. The queue was less and remember go to the counter and let officer know that you are here to collect as already renew since last week. 


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