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‘Nyonya Curry Kapitan with Steamed Rice’ was recommended and it turns out to be good. Curry was not that spicy as it look yet cook to near dry. as it is quick strong in fragrant that goes along very well with the steam rice. RM14

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‘Food Foundry Chicken Chop’ with mash potato, salad and in house gravy. RM 16

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Chicken Cordon Bleu @ RM17

That was served is pretty unique compare to those I have tried so far, as the cheese was not stuff inside the chicken and fried along, instead the cheese is cook in the gravy and pour upon on the hot fried chicken.

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Moroccan Lamb Shank @ RM 26 grilled and served on a bed of mashed potatoes

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During the Korean series that I watch, they keep cook ‘Vongole’ and I nearly forgot about that, when is see that in the menu, directly I order it. The spaghetti was cook to perfect, that the texture is springy, not too dry and cook along with clams turns out to be good as the taste of the spices brings up the flavor, it is my first time trying it.  RM16

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Always in pasta, my all time favorite sauce is cream sauce, anything in that sauce, I am up for it. ‘Smoked Salmon in Cream Sauce’ @ RM 17. Love the way how they cook it with salmon is medium cook in chunk , a bit creamy, not watery that sprinkle with a lot of cheese power is just the way I prefer.

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‘Lemongrass Prawns in Spicy Volcanic Sauce’ turns out to be good too, as we thought it would be flaming out but the taste is just mild that combines well with the style. RM18

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If you like something which is not too strong in taste, most likely you would want to opt for ‘Aglio Olio Prawns’  @      RM 18

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Marinara are serve with generous amouth of pranws, clamps and squids.  RM23

Food foundry (30)

Love this dish, that the taste is a bit spicy yet not over power by the sour taste of tomato and I did not realize this is a ‘Vegetarian Pasta’ as they are not stingy with the ingredient.

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Crepe is known as one of the French cake multi layer overlapping each of the slices to come out this cake.  Only one of the many layers of cake that I love to eat is the layer cake from Indonesia and now I have heard many people mention how they love the crepe in this restaurant and at last I got a chance to taste it.

 ‘Strawberry Mille  Crêpe Cake’ girls might like it as its sour and sweet with thin layer of aromatic crips in between with moisture and softness of it just makes it good. RM9

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Chocolate Mille  Crêpe Cake @ RM 9

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Among all those flavour, I love ‘Vanilla Crêpe Cake’ the most which turns out to be their original as I can taste the pan fried crepe egg fragrant in it with a lil of vanilla scent along with the softness that is not too sweet. Recommended~

Food foundry (34)

Almond Tiramisu @ RM11

Food foundry (35)

Those who love chocolate would want to try out their ‘Chocolate Brownie’, rich chocote flavor with lots of nut as I am not a sweet tooth person, I manage to take a few bites. RM8

Food foundry (36)

Chocolate Dream @ RM10

Food foundry (37)

If you are having cakes, ‘Long Black’ would definately make the taste better with Brownie.

Food foundry (38)

I love to order ‘Mocha‘ when I am having cakes as my desert as what I feel that the after taste combination is very good.

No doubt that they are one of the friendly neighborhood café.

Food Foundry
BG-8, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13,
46400 Petaling Jaya,

Contact no.: +603-7955 2885

Business Hours: 11.30am-10pm

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  1. That reminds me! Haven’t been there for too long. The mille fuille photo is calling out to me!

  2. WOW…. the crepe drooling me~ Even i stay at Section 17, but never visit to it before.. i should give it a try~ ^^

  3. Hi, I came across your blog and noticed your caption for the handpainted mural. Yes, it was painstakingly handpainted, but not by the owner and her partner. I am the artist who was commissioned to paint it, and it was done with the help of a friend of mine (she painted the ‘Twitter’ bird :))

    Just so you know! Thanks.

    – Pat

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