Bukit Bintang is the heart of Kuala Lumpur. A shopping paradise for many travelers around the region. Easily pack with at least 6 shopping malls along the stretch. Not only that, hotel chains flocks around the area as the latest hotel that establish just right to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is Pavilion Hotel. The hotel just opened its door to public for less than 6 months.


Pavilion Hotel (1)

One of a convenient hotel that sits right in the same building as the mall. An excess direct into the mall which allow guest to move around easily. Hotel Guest can stroll all the way to KLCC in the close covered walkway. Just 10 minutes walk instead of taking a cab.

Pavilion Hotel (3)

Guest will need to head to their lobby at level 8 and serve with a welcome drink. Checking in is smooth and will need to prepare RM 150 as a refundable security deposit. Checking in was swift and guided to my floor at level 9.

Pavilion Hotel (4)

Love this luxury room walkway and realize that different floors have different carpet design. To make it more interesting, I realize that to identify the room area, just look at the plaster ceiling. The ceiling with lights, that is where the room doors are.

Pavilion Hotel (5)

The room I am staying is Grand Oasis comes with comfortable armchair, a rain shower and an aromatherapy oil burner.

Pavilion Hotel (6)

Pavilion Hotel (2)

My room view that overlook the head of Bukit Bintang.

Pavilion Hotel (7)

Room is equip with a coffee machine, complimentary water, coffee and tea. In the fridge is pack with drinks. These are NON-complimentary as the have a price list located just above it.

Pavilion Hotel (9)

My comfy huge KING bed for the night.

Pavilion Hotel (10)

Toilet is quite huge. Fit with a bath tub, rain shower head and separate urinal room.

Pavilion Hotel (8)

Return back to the room in the late evening with a surprise. they do make up and prepare your bed.

Pavilion Hotel (11)

Check out their sky pool at level 18 that overlook some skyline of city center which is not too bad.

Pavilion Hotel (12)

Pavilion Hotel (13)

Pavilion Hotel (14)

On the same level, it comes with sky gym too. Quite a complete gym.

Pavilion Hotel (15)

Spa would be another great options. They do have is single room and couple room. Couple room do comes with a bath tub that overlook the city.

Pavilion Hotel (16)

Pavilion Hotel (18)

Pavilion Hotel (17)

those that stay on the Club floors and above, you will enjoy this free access into the lounge that serve complimentary snacks, fruits, coffee.

Pavilion Hotel (19)

Pavilion Hotel (20)

Free flow alcohol with wines, beers and own made cocktail are only available from 5.30pm – 7.30pm.

Pavilion Hotel (21)

Pavilion Hotel (22)

Ebisu is regard as one of the largest Japanese Restaurant in Hotel. Fit with 3 different sections as the bar, teppanyaki  and sushi counter dining area.

Pavilion Hotel (23)

Pavilion Hotel (24)

For the night, we enjoy ourselves in this ….. menu

Pavilion Hotel (26)

Pavilion Hotel (27)

The star highlight of the dish is this Chawan Mushi  It is a recommended item.. Prepared with crab meat and salmon roe. Pack with flavour. You can taste the sweetness of the crabmeat with salmon roe that burst in your mouth that give you hint of saltiness to balance it up, yet the egg custard is smooth and airy..

Pavilion Hotel (28)

For ice cream, usually I will try others flavours over the classic green tea. Their Sesame and … is a rockstar. Refreshing and love the toasted mild burnt sesame taste.

Pavilion Hotel (29)

Pavilion Hotel (30)

Before calling off a night, we head down to their cocktail bar Whisky Cove at level 7M for a drink.

Pavilion Hotel (34)

A cozy bar that is just nice, not too big and best of all they have a few rooms and corners that you can hide off from the crowd that give you good space of privacy. Of course sitting in the bar is the perfect spot to be.

Pavilion Hotel (31)

Not a fan of cocktails but I am impress with this mixologist as his mix of flavours is well balance and you can taste each layer of flavour that being created. The funny part is, beer here is more expensive than the cocktails. Certainly do not mind to come here again for the cocktails.

Pavilion Hotel (32)

Pavilion Hotel (33)

Pavilion Hotel (35)

Rarely I will miss my hotel breakfast. Heading into The Courtyard to check it out.

Pavilion Hotel (37)

Pavilion Hotel (38)

Breakfast buffet spread serve with western and locals.

Pavilion Hotel (41)

Pavilion Hotel (40)

Pavilion Hotel (42)

Coffee machine is available for your coffee just a touch away.

Pavilion Hotel (43)

The fridge where you grab your fruits, granola, yogurt, cheese and hams.

Pavilion Hotel (44)

My simple breakfast. Do not miss out their local cuisine there as I find it more impressive than the rest.

for hotels booking, you can book direct at their website as currently they have pre-opening rates special. (click here)

Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur Managed by Banyan Tree
170, Bukit Bintang Street,
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2117 2888



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