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kick start off with their speeches by Celebrity Datuk Chef Wan and Kevin Sim, that Mountain of Food is a wide Resort affair. It personifies the role of food paradise in the past, present and even more imminently in the future, with over 100 restaurants serving over 200 dishes on any day and time here at the heart of the Resort.

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Official lauching and let the Mountain of Food starts.

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With local signature Ice – Kacang to be kick off. . .

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We are impress by the carving of the spoon design and it is made of Sugar.

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As in the press conference mention by Chef Wan, food tourism is hot now, with Malaysia as multi-racial country, it embrance the diversity of our cultures. When it comes to food, it is in essence this diversity that brings us so many authentic dishes and cuisines which are individualistic. Best of it as, Genting also know as one of tourist destination and it is good to show people what we offer for local cuisine.

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I got the opportunity to capture a pic with famous celebrity Datuk Chef Wan.

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With its many efford by the chef and the management team, they had bring in the local favourite Penang cuisine at 6000feet high. .

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Let’s head to famous local dish at Bukit Mertajam with a Winner from Cabaran Roti Canai 2004 . ..

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twisting and flying UFO style to make its Roti Canai more fluffy.

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Local Kuih

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Fried Chicken Wings

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Fried Rice

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Local Favourite Condiments

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Favourite satay. . . .

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We have got food from Lorong Selamat and Gurney Drive. . . .

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Tim Sum . ..

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Famous Gurney Drive Pasembur

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Fried Oyster

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With so many food got to offer, that I have miss Penang food so much, this is one of the best place to kill for. . .

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Laksa, Har Mee and Curry Mee. ..

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Fried Oyster. . .

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Muar Chee

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Chee Cheong Fun with har kou style. .

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Fluffy Roti Canai

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Lor Bak

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Famous Hainanese Chicken Rice and Fried Mee ..

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Lorong Selamat Char Koey Teow. . .

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Gurney Drive Rojak . . .

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NewWorld Park Ice Kacang. . .

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Some Local delights. . .

Definately this place had manage to stop my craving for Penang food with their quality do match the taste of it.

For those who are craving for Penang food, this certainly would be a place worth visiting during this promotional period. ..

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      yeah ah..impressive also eh.. we were suprise when the chef told us that..:)

    • Taufulou Reply

      yeah ah… miss pg food, then a good place to end the craving..:D

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