This would be my very first time doing men’s beauty product review base on some request. There are friends and strangers asked me through taufulou instagram that do I use facial products to maintain my skin. Many ask how do I manage to look younger than my actual age. Actually there is this particular brand I have been using, which is IOPE Korean Men Facial product series.

IOPE Men series

I have been using this Skin Care IOPE Men’s Series from Korea for the past 4 years. These mens product series are not available in Malaysia market as there are some reseller or even authorize seller carry the women’s collection.

How I stumble upon this series is that I was buying for my mom when I was traveling in Korea. Then asked the consultant, is this brand good for my skin then she recommended me this 3 products, that would be sufficient for my skincare.

men facial serum

IOPE Men skin care series with:
1. IOPE Pore Clean Mud Cleanser (estimated RM 120 – RM 150)
2. IOPE Bio Essence Intense Conditioning (estiamted RM 150 – RM 190)
3. IOPE Anti – Aging Emulsion (estimated RM 200 – RM 250)

facial mud wash

My personal favourite is this IOPE Pore Clean Mud Cleanser. It is sort of like soft mud, just press out a bit will do. Then rice water onto your face and just scrub it all the way. Best is about 30 seconds. Always go in one circular motion. If you start off with anti clockwise, best to maintain the whole sequence in that way. (that’s what the consultant taught me).

My dad is in love with this product too. Once he tried it, he ask me to buy for him too.

What I felt after using is that, my skin felt fresh and smooth.

korean facial products


My second best favourite product is this IOPE Bio Essence Intense Conditioning. This is more like a Toner but then it has the freshness effect.

This is good after face wash then gently tap onto your face. The little effect it gives to my face is , it energize it look more fresh. Usually if I lack of sleep or I drank a night and could not really get up, I will certainly apply this when goes to work. It felt like makes up my face look fresh instead of pale and dull.

IOPE korea

Lastly, is the most expensive item is this IOPE Anti – Aging Emulsion. This is more like a serum to me. Comes in a cream format and usually I applies before sleep.

I only apply this on day time if I got important meetings or occasions. What is the effect? I have no idea cuz I felt expensive. Instead of using it daily, I only use once a week, hence the impact is not prominent.

korean skin care

men facial care

Not too sure is there before and after effect you guys can see as on the left was before and right is after I have applied the 3 steps.

Many also asked where to buy this series. The only place to buy is direct from Korea. How I gotten it is that whenever I know my friends traveling to Korea, I ask them tumpang to buy 2 sets back. The 2 facial product for men that I stock up are :

1. IOPE Pore Clean Mud Cleanser (estimated RM 120 – RM 150)
2. IOPE Bio Essence Intense Conditioning

Since MCO started in Malaysia, I have been doing mask weekly.

So yah, this is my facial product and I will share soon on the brand of mask that I am using.


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