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Pizza Gallery @ Publika

by Taufulou

update : [have closed down] – Publika

Who do not fancy home recipe or homecook food? However there is one new restaurant hidden right at a corner in Publika that offer pretty good home cook recipe which is Pizza Gallery. It was form on a passion by creating good pizza and hence this brand was created to showcase what they have.

Pizza Galleria (1)

I must say that I am one of a regular person in Publika but really did not spot this outlet as they are located right far behind after Coffee Society.

Pizza Galleria (2)

Interior of this place is pretty simple as they are providing a comfortable dining for diners.

Pizza Galleria (3)

Pizza Galleria (4)

Pizza Galleria (5)

Menu here is pretty simple as their signature here is Pizza.

Pizza Galleria (20)

Mushroom Soup is just decent. . .

Pizza Galleria (18)

One of the first dish that you must not miss for bites is Signature Chicken Wings @ RM 15.90. Fried to perfection with home cook seasoning then top with BBQ sauce. If this to goes with beer its even more perfect as they do sell bottle beers..

Pizza Galleria (19)

Cheeze Bread is quite fragrant with the type of cheeze that they are using and I love the bread that after toast is still quite soft. @ RM 6.90

Pizza Galleria (6)

If you are a cheeze lover then Cheese Macaroni would be a dish that you should consider ordering. Slightly creamy yet cheeze flavor is strong enough for this portion as it was gone within seconds after it was served. @ RM 12.90

Pizza Galleria (7)

Caesar Salad @ RM 8.90

Pizza Galleria (8)

 Creamy Seafood Pasta

Pizza Galleria (9)

For a creamy sauce, this is pretty good with the amount of seafood that they are giving for the price that they are charging. Spaghetti is al dante. .

Pizza Galleria (10)

Aglio Alio is one of a simple dish yet not many places can do it good. This is pretty good as we did order second portion again. One of the main reason as its simple enough yet appetizing and mild spicy to makes us keep eating. @ RM 10.90

Pizza Galleria (13)

Tomyum Spaghetti is one of their signature and if you love something really spicy and localise, this is a dish that can really make your tongue go numb and sweat it out.

Pizza Galleria (11)

Here comes their signature range. Beef Pepperoni is one of the most basic pizza yet one of a highly recommended by me. Cheeze is enough to cover the pizza yet ingredient of it is just nice. Thin Crust is baked to perfection on the end of the crust is crips enough and appetizing for every bite. @ RM 22.90

Pizza Galleria (12)


Pizza Galleria (14)

Tomyum Special is also their signature pizza and highly recommended  if you love spicy taste. Comparing this with the spaghetti, this would be a better option as the taste is slightly more pungent. @ RM 29.90 – tomyum sauce, sqeed, prawns, crabstick, onion, garnishing with cilantro, kaffir lime leaves & mozzarella cheeze

Pizza Galleria (15)

Satay Delight  @ RM 25.90 – SAtay sauce, satay chicken onion, garnishing with red chili, cucumber & mozarella

Pizza Galleria (17)

Hawaii Classic  @RM 23.90 – chicken toast, pineapple, Chicken Breast & Mozarella

Pizza Galleria (22)

After trying out all the thin crust, we totally forgot that they do have another version and we decided to get back Beef Pepperoni (pan Crust) since we find it very good. The dough of the pizza is done fresh in the kitchen that makes this pan crust also one of the best in its own range. Also a recommended version if you love something thicket yet soft end. @ RM 22.90

Pizza Galleria (16)

Chicken Burger if you are on budget then you can opt for this as it is serve in a pretty huge size. @ RM 12.90

Pizza Galleria (21)

Then we were the white mouse to try out their new range of cup cakes.

Pizza Galleria (23)

If you are a big eater, then do come for their buffet range as if I am not mistaken, its offered during 3-5pm Happy Hour and its very worth it. Per pax is about RM25++ as you get to try  afew of their signature range.

If you are a pizza lover and looking for a nice one to eat, I would surely recommend this shop as their pizza is pretty good.

Pizza Gallery
Lot D5-G3-02, Publika, Solaris Dutamas,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-6207 8111 / 03-6419 0232 (Call Mon – Sat: 10am – 10pm)

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