One of the latest dining attraction that is gaining its popularity is this new dining concept, Plane In The City. It will mark as Malaysia’s first aircraft dining experience that have just recently launch, with the whole actual plane Boeing 737 aircraft smacked right in the heart of KL.

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“We live in an era of experience. Consumers are now demanding newer and more interactive models of products and services. They want to experience different realities and Plane In The City allows them to do just that”, said Arvin Randahwa, CEO of TwoSpicy Entertainment Live who conceived the idea. “This is a great way and place for locals and tourists to treat their loved ones, friends or clients and have an unforgettable outing,” he added.

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Upon arriving, all diners will be seated at the waiting lounge before head up to the plane for 90 minutes dining experience.

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To those have not seated in First Class before, you will get to enjoy the experience of it.

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Huge seat as they cater mostly for couples. So those of you plan to come in a group? I am sorry that you have to be seated separately.

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Some of the orders can be done through the touch screen right next on the window panel.

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Food are prepared by Le Meridien team.

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When I say the actual plane is in the city and really meant that. You can sit inside the cockpit to experience how the whole feel is about for picture too.

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Only limited seats are available per session as they can only accommodate 20 people per session, you will be sure to enjoy an exclusive 3 course or 4 course dining experience (depending on the type of package) by the chefs of Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur.

There are three standard packages: Economy Class @ RM199/pax, Business Class @ RM399/pax and First Class @ RM999/pax. On top of these standard packages, Plane In The City plans to launch celebratory packages such as birthdays and anniversaries plus serving as an event venue fitting up to 60 pax at one time.

Have I experience on the dining experience yet? Not yet~ But I think RM 199 might be a good deal to those of you celebrating special occasions.

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