Seems that Kepong is filled with quite alot of hotpot or steamboat places. Few months back, friend brought me to this little hidden area in Kepong for steamboat. Popo Steamboat Cafe is operating in a open space area with canopies at the yard. You can easily miss the signboard if you are driving as at the edge of a junction and also slightly uphill.

Popo Steamboat (1)


Popo Steamboat (2)

there are quite a number of soup base to hit on. There are 8 types of soup: Superior Pork Bone soup, Szechuan Peppery soup, Teochew soup (served with fish slices), ABC, vegetarian, Peppery Piggy Stomach Soup, clear and tom yum soup. All of the soups are priced at RM 7 and RM 23. Those of you order clear soup, if is provided for free.

Popo Steamboat (3)

While there are only 3 of us, it seems again that we over order. I was there to eat as the food is pretty much order by my friend. Soup base: Superior Pork Bone Soup and to my surprise it is claypot steamboat which is not your typical version that is with the metal pot.

Popo Steamboat (4)

I am suprise to taste how good the soup is. Slightly thick and pack with flavour and creamy. loving it.

Popo Steamboat (5)

Beef slices here are not too bad as on the local meat quality, I cant comment much and best it is freshly sliced.

Popo Steamboat (6)

As my friend are craving for their fried rice, I must say it is one of a very good plate. Fried to perfection that the grains are filled with wok hei, dry enough that can be counted by each grans, topped with pork lard and ham. – a dish must order.

Popo Steamboat (7)

Love their lamb slices as it is thinly cut

Popo Steamboat (8)

Other ingredient that we usually order which is not too bad.

This will certainly be one of the steamboat in Kepong that I will return because of both pricing and quality.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, quite good for the pork broth !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Popo Steamboat Cafe
No. 12, Jalan 7/32A, TSI Business Park
Off 6.5 Mile Jalan Kepong, 52100 Kepong

Tel: 019-828 2118

Business hours: 5.30pm – 12am, closed on Mondays



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