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Premium Italian Gin Agricolo

by Taufulou

this pandemic is indeed forcing us to change our habit. Already coming to 15 months since the pandemic covid-19 hit our shore and still right now we are in emco mode.  While at home, we still find ways to enjoy our leisure time. Gin lovers you will certainly fall in love with this Gin Agricolo a premium Italian Gin.
classic gin and tonic (2)

A set of 3 comes in a beautiful wooden crate. It is solid wood and the smell of wood is like oak barrel.


Their Current promotion is too good to be true where also it is super rare. purchase 1 bottle of their Italian Premium Gin comes with 1 crate of tonic. Their look of tonic certainly does not look cheap and it is 12 Bottles! How good is that.

You can purchase it thru here Listino

Lagi best is All of you also can enjoy  RM 40  off with min purchase of RM200. Just enter this promo code “LISTINODELIVERS”.  Their commitment to customers is to deliver within 1 hour of from order received. of course wiithin Klang Valley area only. I have friends who bought this set and impresses with both their service and delivery

gin agricolo

A set of 3 comes with their recommended signature gin series.

  1. Gin Agricolo Gadan
  2. Gin Agricolo Evra
  3. Gin Agricolo Alaghur

gin agricolo and tonic

3 of the gin indeed have very huge distinctive profile if you try to create a palate tester shot side by side. Even with their recommended mix of tonic, it is indeed creating series of unique profiles for you. Imagine this. 3 x flavours with 1 unique tonic is 12 profiles in total.

japanese gin

As recommended by the seller, these are the best pairing for classic gin and tonic to begin with.

bergamotto fancy tonic

Gin Blagheur or Gin Gadan to pair with Tonic Imperdibile

classic gin and tonic

After trying out a lot of glass of gin and tonic, I summarize that Gin Agricolo Gadan is universal. Easy to drink, fragrant and nice after taste at your nose area. Easy gin cocktail mixture will be some herbs or lemon drops is consider best home cocktails.

okawood tonic imperdible

Gin Agricolo Evra more towards ladies, floral . slight minty end. nice aroma after taste as it lingers on your tongue flagrantly. Slightly on the mild sweet end. Pairing with Oakwood Tonic do change the profile to a bit more strong.

gin agricolo blagheur

Gin Agricolo Alaghur strongest among the 3. Dry end. with mild herbs. Musculin drink where many heavy palate drinkers would certainly fell in love with this because of its dryness.

gin agricolo gadan

New folder4

I felt that different ambiance and time do gives effect on mood of drinking. Although I find it a bit sweet but during my early evening like 4-5pm, I had this simple gin and tonic Gin Agricolo Evra with Wild Botanica Tonic is very refreshing. Perfect for late hot evening, bubble with a sweet end is something that I need for that evening.


I have also created a few Gin cocktails to test out where most of the ingredients you can grab from supermarket shelves.  Gin Gadan with Bergamotto Fancy Tonic pair with Thyme and blueberry. To make it fancier upon serving, you can poke thru blueberry into strong roots of thyme to make it as a herbs decor.

A simple drink that brings the aroma out.


gin tonic and mint

NExt simple gin and tonic cocktail will be Gin Agricolo Blagheur with Dry Bitter Tonic Gin. Just top with my fresh Apple mint from my garden. the strong Apple mint brings the aroma of the herbs gin up. A great combination.

sweet gin cocktail

More feminine drinks would be just add in strawberry with Gin Evra. A nice spice flavour and strawberry just bring out the colour and hint of sourness it needs.

gin cocktail

I start to get adventurous after was told that I can mix 2 types of gin to create a drink.  I start to think what is best upon the flavour profile that I think match. Simple recipe:

  1. 10 ml Gin Agricolo Evra
  2. 10 ml Gin Agricolo Gadan
  3. 40-60ml of Wild Botanica Tonic
  4. Topped with Thyme and fresh blackberries

rare gin

japan gin

italy premium gin

I love some smokey flavour. So I try out this so it is not too heavy.

  1. 10 ml Gin Agricolo Evra
  2. 10 ml Gin Agricolo Bagheur
  3. 40-60 ml of Dry Bitter Tonic Gin
  4. I use lighter to burnt my cinnamon stick and staranise to make it smokey

One of my favourite combinations.

gin cocktail recipe

For hot weather yet something refreshing, I thought of this:

  1. 10 ml Gin Agricolo Gadan
  2. 10 ml Gin Agricolo Bagheur
  3. 40-60 ml of Dry Bitter Tonic Gin
  4. 5 ml Lemon Juice
  5. 5 ml honey
  6. lemon slice into gin and tonic

Shake well. The sourness and will make it best for an afternoon drink. – perfecto

One of the best gin I have come across.

You can purchase it thru here Listino

Lagi best is All of you also can enjoy  RM 40  off with min purchase of RM200. Just enter this promo code “LISTINODELIVERS”

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Aren’t these too cute to drink!?

Taufulou 21/07/2021 - 9:46 pm

hehe nope


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