One of a random dinner that all of us were called upon, as the arrangement of this dinner is pretty ad hoc. Bangsarbabe highly praise this place that they serve one of the best waygy steak that we can get in KL and of course she warn us that it would burn a hole in the pocket. Since most of us are food lovers, we do not mind that especially when comes to a great recommendation.

Prime (1)

Then all of us (Ken, Chris + Hubby, Anna and others)  head to prime with a reservation of 8 pax with a target to only aim one of their signature, prime steak! A restaurant that know for its specialty – STEAK that lead by head chef Antoine.

Prime (6)

This is also my first time in Prime, along got to know that Le Meridien had just finish refurbish their hotel and I am totally in love with their new concept, which is modern hip chic yet elegant. Non the less, Prime is located on the 6th floor of the hotel and of course reservation is a must as this restaurant is pretty well know to many people already.

Upon arrival in the restaurant, they have a mini waiting area that and if the waiter/ waitress is too busy, we will be seated here at the moment.

Prime (5)

 One of the award that they got from Time Out KL.

Prime (2)

Interior of the restaurant is very elegant that filled with huge cushion arm chair in the main dining area and at the side with comfortable sofa dining soft lighted yellowish light on the background wall would make it a comfortable place for dining especially celebration special occasion, friends & family.

Prime (3)

Prime (4)

They have a big dining table that can accommodate 10 -12 pax and separated by a wall of wine rack. .

Prime (7)

Then we are seated next to their open concept kitchen. Honestly, seating here is not that bad but the only thing is that some of the cooking smell that trail out makes you more hungry as most of them smells so appealing.

Prime (8)

Fresh baked breads.

Prime (9)

 Menu is huge but there only a few pages for you to flip.

Prime (10)

Prime (11)

 Most of the table are placed with 3 types of butter that made in house.

Prime (12)

Garlic butter, normal butter and  (i forgot what is the 3rd one) :D. The types of butter changed most of the time as what I get tonight might not reflect on what you getting when you dine there.

Prime (13)

When you are seated to your table, you will be first serve with their fresh baked breads, and its still warm. Me and Ken are bread lovers as we finish this whole plate of bread by ourselves that is meant to share for 2. Garlic butter is so aromatic and smooth that makes us go crazy over this soft warm bread.

Prime (14)

Our first dish to arrive Clams Chowder @ RM 40

Prime (15)

The top pie is baked to perfection that it stand like a dome and when the spoon poke thru it you can still hear the slight crack of it, and taste with mild butter end yet the texture of it is smooth. Clam Chowder soup is not too salty yet slight creamy to pair the soup well.

Prime (16)

Lobster Bisque is accompany with a slice of mini toast pizza @ RM 50. Soup is rich enough with mild salty end which its suppose to be and by dipping with their house bread it pairs so well.

Prime (17)

Mushroom Soup @ RM 45 is blended with a few types of mushroom, creamy enough to my liking and strong mushroom taste is there. Never go wrong!

Prime (19)

After soup we head to Mushroom Salad @ RM 45 which is something very simple that I use to clear palate, :D. .

Prime (20)

Caesar Crab @ RM 55

Prime (21)

Caesar Salmon @ RM 55

Prime (22)

here come our super star of the night as we ended up ordering 4 portion of this giant Prime Ribs @ RM 480 as each serving serve in 1KG

Prime (23)

The portion is shared by 2 pax, means that each of us have 500g each. The steak is cook to perfection as my portion is order on medium rare. Still see on the reddish side of the steak with slightly cook on the top, show’s that the kitchen really know how to cook their beef. Meat texture is so soft yet aromatic yet its been season so well that we do not need any sauce to go along.

This would be my first time having a steak for 500g and most of them could not finish it, I manage to finish mine by slowly chewing and cutting it with some conversation in the table. Those whom did not finish whereby only manage to take half because we had so many appetizer are all clear by Bangsarbabe! She can really eat steak!

Remark: This steak can be share by 2-3 pax if you are a small eater.

Prime (24)

Some dinners just need sauce to go along with their steak, as the kitchen will still serve you 2 types of sauce. Mushroom and another type of sauce.

Prime (25)

Even though we could not finish our steak yet in the menu, there is one item that Rif had wanted to try very long time which is Steak burger with Foie Gra. The serving is well presented and the most attractive is the steak burger and foie gra as they smells so good!

Prime (26)

Again another portion that order with medium rare meat. I must say that this is one of the best steak burger that I came across as the meat is so soft, grilled to perfection yet aromatic that the foie gra top on top to eat along just melts in the mouth.

If you are not a fan of steak then this is one of the highly recommended option by me. Do not miss it!

Prime (27)

Yet so stuff, all of us still have dessert to go. No matter how full you are, when comes to dessert, every one will make space in the tummy for all this. Chocolate Brownie @ RM30. Its moist and rich in flavour and best to go along with a cup of coffee as we did have. 😀

Prime (28)

Tiramisu is really one of a hard dessert to make, as we need to find a well balance of taste and texture for it. Prime do serve this dessert excellent. @ RM 30

Prime (29)

See the moist texture of the dessert yet the mascarpone cheese is perfect to pair along and mild rum taste at the bottom. Do order this when you finish your meal.

Prime (30)

Macaroons here are pretty good too, as every one have their own style for this. Upon bitting the top crust just crack and chewy texture as I was thought it is suppose to be. Worth a try if you are a macaroons lover.

Prime (31)

To finish our meal, we all ended up with a glass of coffee. We were so full that could hardly walk as this is really food overdoze and for the first time in my life, I see dining bill hit RM2500 for the night.

Nonetheless, it was a meal well spend on as its worth every penny on it.

If you are looking for a really good steak that will  never disappoint you, then PRIME is one of the place that serve best steak in KL area.

Remark: do prepare do burn a hole in your pocket as mention earlier! Do call up to make a reservation too.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, one of the best steak that I come across -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral
Kuala Lumpur
03-2263 7555
GPS Coordinates: N3 08.126 E101 41.174


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