I guess Speakeasy bar is the official trend at the moment. There are a few impressive one and of course there are some that stood out more. Let me introduce you Private Room which will be first of its kind Wine Speakeasy Bar that will be pampering you with a pretty huge range of wine at affordable price.

Private room (1)

It is a bit tricky to look for this place as it is always a little hidden door that would not make sense to you, where will lead you to the secret hideout. As for this, I was walking along Bowery and only realise that there is a hot chick walking to the yellow metal door next to it then only hit my mind, that must be the secret hideout.

Private room (2)

As you walked up to level one, there is a secret password you need to key in and upon entering,  you will need to walk thru two huge curtain to come into this elegant wine place. Fit with luxury leather sofa, racks of wine selection on your left and pretty cool wine and cocktail bar on your right.

Private room (3)

Private room (4)

Private room (5)

Private room (7)

We had wine tasting for that launching night and kick start off with French wine – Drechler 2013 and I must say this is one of the best easy to drink white wine. Very unique in taste with sweet end, and girls would love it, we find out that for a bottle of French wine at around RM160 is a pretty good deal .

Private room (8)

Private room (9)

Justin Ho is their head mixologist whom is the champion of Malaysia best  Sommelier 2015 is our main wine guide tasting for the night.

Private room (10)

Follow by a few other red wine.

Private room (11)

Private room (12)

Private room (13)

Private room (14)

This is the best of all, where is the signature of this outlet where if you think cocktail is too mainstream, then try out their signature Wine infuse cocktail drink.

Private room (17)

Indeed it is a very dangerous drink where it is so smooth, hint of sweetness and well balance of alcohol taste with other mixer is easier to knock you off after a few drink. A highly recommended drink if you do head to this place.

Private room (16)

My personal favourite would be the French wine which is the first bottle in this blog post and also not to miss out their wine cocktail.

Private room (15)

Please meet both our local talents: Danny Tai – second runner up best Malaysia Champion also ex sommelier Marble 8 Restaurant and Justin Ho – sommelier champion 2015

Private room (20)

It is a cool hangout place especially if you love wine, and if you feel that you would like to learn more about wine, best advise to sit at the bar and let Danny guide and explain it to you through if the bar is not too busy.

Private Room TTDI
No.48a-2, First Floor,
Persiaran Zaaba,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(look for bright yellow metal door)

Tel: 019-3346631 & +6 03 7733 6631
[email protected]


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