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Another outlet I found out during my trip to Bandung on Jan 2015 is this place which is recommended by many, with its well know Pork Satay. Puribambu family restaurant which is not too far away from Rumah Mode and it is certainly worth a visit.

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Could not eat much as this was the 4th location right after a few meals and tried their signature – Sekra @ RP 37,500 (RM12.50) . Pungent in flavour with a good mix of ingredients in it. Sour base soup end with a hint if spiciness at the end.

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This is their specialities, Pork Satay as you can choose a few varieties from instine to pork meat, skin and others. Must dip with their special sweet sauce, mixing with chili powder and add lime into it. Great marination that makes it great flavours.

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Thanks to my best friend for showing me all the great food over 2 days. Its a great place not to be miss if you are a pork lover.

Jalan Sindang Sirna No.14,
Jawa Barat 40153, Indonesia

Phone:+62 22 2040143

Hours: 9AM–10PM


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