I have always bug my friend to join me for dinner at this place as always, time arrangement did not match till finally during Chinese New Year. Often hear them buzz about this great Curry Fish Head in this Restaurant 1998 (kopitiam) that they serve one of the best in their list.

I stay nearby neither did I know that they are well known for that but finally get a chance to try out.

1998 (1)

Restaurant 1998 means did they start up in year 1998? yap, this kopitiam was establish since 1998 and been running well with quite a few well known hawker under this roof.

1998 (2)

One of them is definitely this Curry Fish Head that cook by this auntie. She cooks it individually to ensure the fish taste is enrich in a pot. Curry is being cook aside and just to add on.

1998 (3)

1998 (4)

Besdies that, was told that this Chin Kee Chicken Rice is quite well known among them and we skip this round as they die die would want to have Stewed Duck. It is actually the same owner.

1998 (5)

1998 (6)

No doubt that their stewed duck is awesome. Duck meat is being braised so soft, own made sauce to complement on it and amazingly their chili is spicy yet sourish end. A perfect combo and recommended. this place cost RM 28.

1998 (7)

After a long wait of 30-45 minutes, finally the Claypot Curry Fish head arrive and I only can manage to stop them for mere 10 seconds before they dip all the fork and spoons.

1998 (8)

Fish head is medium size and decent enough as we order 2 pot for a table of 10.

1998 (9)

Curry is rich in flavours, not too thick yet sour enough and generous with ingredient. It is filled with long beans, ladies finger, egg plant, tomato, squid and others. Spicy enough to make you drench in sweat but not numb.

1998 (10)

This is how I eat my Curry Fish Head rice in Flood version or locals call it ‘Kuah Banjir’.

Remark: If you do come by for this auntie curry fish head, she is super slow in serving and cooking. Do have patience for her as we were the only customer at that time, already took her 30-45 minutes and friends mention that she is also famous for being slow .

A nice neighborhood kopitiam with variety of hawker food for you to hunt.

Do try the Taiwanese Sausage here too ..

Restaurant 1998
Jalan Thean Teik, Ayer Itam
11500, Penang


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